Tips for first time camping

According to a proverb, it is never too late to go camp because Better late than never! Camping is a pleasant leisure activity, mostly done outdoors. The urge to get outside of your homes and have the liberty to go for a fun vacay is on everyone’s bucket list. But when you plan to go camping, you have to be ready for every situation. As a beginner, you may not know what to take along with you while you go to a camp. However, you do not have to worry as we have brought you ten useful tips that you should know while you camping for the first time. Our top hacks and tips will be really helpful when camping.

1. Have a checklist

Having a checklist should be the priority of every camper who is camping for the first time. A checklist ensures that you have all the essentials with you while camping so that you do not miss any of it. A checklist for camping is usually different from other checklists because in camping you have to carry a lot of stuff. So, better to plan prior to reaching the destination so that you won’t get short of anything. As a first time camper, having a checklist will give you many benefits in camping.

2. Camping Gears

Opting for the best and safe camping gear is a must choice when you are going camping. As you won’t be sleeping in a luxurious hotel or palace, so you will need camping gear to provide you a good sleep. The three most primary camping gears that are your savior are:

The Tent

You will need more tentacles than you think. Most people hold the viewpoint that for four individuals, a four-man dome is enough. But when you enter, it becomes compressed and rigid from inside. So always opt for a bigger and larger tent than your imagination.

Sleeping Pad

A sleeping pad provides the comfort of a mattress on a bed. It also does not reduce your body heat while you sleep on the ground because it is full of air pockets. So the next thing you should carry along with yourself while you go camping is a sleeping pad.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag gives you warmth and heat in the cold and freezing temperatures and ensures you have a sound sleep. You can choose the right sleeping bag according to weight, size, and comfort from here.

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3. Camping Pillow

As you pack your essentials when you go camping, don’t forget to add a camping pillow that does wonders for you while you sleep peacefully. A camping pillow is specially made for camping because you have to sleep on the ground. It keeps your neck spine straight and offers excellent support to your back. While you don’t consider having a camping pillow as a priority, you will love it as it’s lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable.

4. Right Clothes

You will not get stressed when the weather takes a sudden toll if you have the right clothes to wear. Most new campers take their new and branded clothes while forgetting that there is no laundry facility available on the campsite. To meet the rain cats and dogs, you must have a thick rain suit with you or if it’s cold over there, take a jacket and winter clothes with you. It’s better to check the temperature and then choose the right clothes needed for the camp.

5. Camp Stove

The next advice where you should invest as a camper is a camping stove. A classic camp stove can help you cook the food you need for survival and, you can also plan your meals accordingly. To cook meals on the camp stove, you must first learn at it home and then take it with you to your campsite. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a lighter and matchstick to light up the camp stove.

6. Reusable Water Bottles

Instead of taking masses of plastic water bottles or buying a water bottle every time you see a confectionary is the wastage of money, time, and plastic. So why not take a steel water bottle that is reusable and also keeps the water both hot and cold for a good number of hours? Refill your water bottle whenever you drink water from it. This will save you money and space!

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7. Camp Toiletries

Camp toiletries include all the essentials that you need at your home in case of an emergency. Bring your tissue paper, toilet paper, and wet wipes as you won’t be getting any over there. Always plan and refill your first aid kit and, don’t forget to add the medicines you take regularly. Also, bring a sunscreen that would protect you from the harmful UV rays and a mosquito repellent with you.

8. Portable Charger

Having a reliable portable charger while traveling or on a campsite can save your phone from shutting down. A power bank or a portable charger act as a backup plan when you don’t have phone charging facilities. Today, portable chargers come with unique and useful features that can charge two or three devices at a time. So, when you think you won’t be near power outlets for a long time, carry a power bank with you. 

9. Headlamps and lanterns

Campsites don’t have streetlights as they are mostly away from a town or city. So, instead of relying upon your phone’s battery, you must carry an additional light with you. A lantern is useful as you can place it anywhere while doing other work. A headlamp fits around your head and, you can use your hands freely while mounting a tent or bringing wood sticks for lighting a bonfire.  

10. Don’t overpack

The last but not the least tip you don’t want to miss while going camping is don’t overpack! Overpacking can be your biggest mistake while traveling. Overpacking your bags or vehicles with unnecessary items may cause you trouble as you might not find a useful thing that you want for that particular time. You can always take the help of a checklist and divide your items from most to least important. This will ensure that you won’t overpack your luggage.

So, now that you have prepared yourself for the must-have items necessary for first time camping, we are sure you would make your camping a memorable one!

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