Essentials displayed of an Adventure Travel Motivator.

“The reason behind every travel is often summed up in one word, ‘Escape’.”  Escape from the same, normal and boring daily routine. For many people, tourism is a way of fulfilling their psychological needs, such as self-assurance, self-expression, relaxation, and many more. Some are triggered by the thrill of unexplained discovery. Those who dare to walk on unusual paths are said to be either mad or courageous, which is a brilliant word for the former. Adventure Travel is one of the fastest segments of the travel market, attracting more and more people on an annual basis. It is an addiction. Every adventure travel motivator has different needs from each other.

We all tend to pack too many things when deciding what to take on a trip. Less always tends to be more, which is why we came up with 10 things that every adventure travel motivator needs to pack for the perfect trip.

10 Essentials For Every Adventure Travel Motivator

Adventure Travel Motivator essentials

1. Lock 

A lock is definitely one of the top things that every traveller needs. You can often use hotel lockers for free, but you will need your own lock, especially when you are staying in a hotel or shared Airbnb being able to lock your belongings will be a life-saver. In addition, it prevents opportunistic straying hands from entering the depths of your bag pack.

2. Travel Insurance

Insuring your trip is one of the best ways to make sure it isn’t ruined by expensive emergency bills or sudden expenses.  None of the travel packing hacks on this list will be of any use if you’re not insured properly and get to enjoy your trip. Travel insurance often covers a range of unforeseen events including medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, lost luggage, flight cancellations, and emergency accommodation. It can buy peace of mind during your journey.

3. Water Bottles

One of the most important items for every adventure travel motivator. Water features a powerful attraction for people. Many have a tendency to lean toward the water when people plan vacations and travel for entertainment, instruction, and enjoyment. As an adventure traveller you want water at every step and to keep yourself hydrated there should be a big bottle of water so that your journey goes smoothly

4. Power Bank

Cell phones have become part of our daily routines, especially if you’re camping or travelling long distances, you’re going to need a lot of power for your electronics. Every adventure travel motivator needs a portable battery power bank with a wide range of battery backup, which will eliminate all your worries about running out of juice in the middle of nowhere. This is one of those travel gadgets for backpackers where investing some of your money will get you durable and high-quality products.

5. Cash/Cards

Cards and cash are some of the things that will make your trip easy without any hindrance. Keep at least 2 cards, preferably one Visa and one MasterCard as both aren’t accepted everywhere. If you have the option to carry only one, take Visa – it’s generally more widely accepted. Keep them separate so that you’re not completely spoiled when you get pickpocketed by the local rapscallion.

It seems like you can use a credit or debit card anywhere these days and for the most part, this is often true. But however, there are some places that only accept cash. Having cash at hand is one of the more important travel safety tips.

6. Travel Apps 

A mobile phone becomes your best friend while traveling, especially if the right app is installed. Travel apps are great tools that allow you to organize flights, hotel reservations and find your way. Next time if you are on vacation, you can use Google Maps, Google Travel, Google Translate, Money Changer, and Marriott Mobile App for easy travel.

7. Comfy shoes

Walking is one of the beautiful ways to know a city. On foot, you can see the small details that bring a destination to life. But there is no quicker way to shatter the magic of your travel experience than an uncomfortable pair of shoes. So, keeping that in mind make sure to pack a comfy pair of shoes for a trip.

8. Documents

An emergency can happen anytime, anywhere. This means there’s no other way to ensure safety unless you happened to plan for the worst before the emergency occurred. Keeping everything in mind, Adventure Travel Motivator should keep some important documents i.e., photocopy of your Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, travel insurance, etc. safe with yourself on a trip. Keep an additional passport size photo to avoid any problems.

9. Neck pillow

The best way to cope with a long journey is to sleep comfortably and ideally feel fresh until you arrive. Whether you are on a train, plane, or bus, you need to get some sleep with a comfortable and supportive cushion. So, next time you travel, take a travel pillow.

10. Mini medical-kit

Whether you are sitting in a bunker or climbing up the foothills or mountains, something sure can happen. It does not take long for that simple cold to turn into a sinus infection, which once beat down your system enough, can become pneumonia. In that situation, all you really need are a box of ointments / Band-Aids, a pair of small scissors, a bottle of iodine, and some decent pain relievers. Whatever the need for more, they also require a visit to the doctors where they will have a large array of materials at their disposal. This will help you stay safe on a trip.

Adventure travel motivator is travelling to his dream place.