Budget Travel Tips

Travelling is not just a hobby. It is a passion with an everlasting experience. With the right planning and affordable budget travel tips, you can travel to the places of your dreams for real. It becomes an integral part of you and makes you experience and learns things you have never thought. Ventures make you understand that the daily routine you experience isn’t the best way to live. For most people, travelling without enough money is almost impossible but let me clear you that this is just a centuries-old misconception.

Considering the truth that there are some costs that you cannot compromise on (such as travel essentials) but still, you can venture around the world even on a low-cost budget. You can follow our affordable budget travel tips while travelling to appreciate the finer things in existence without spending too much.

Affordable Budget Travel Tips For Wanderlust

2020 has been an intense year for travel, no doubt. But don’t be discouraged from arranging trips to 2021 and beyond. Planning an outing and creating an affordable budget for the things you need, is the best idea to avoid a cash crunch and stay away from worrying about every expense in half the journey.

Best Affordable travel tips

Here are 18 Pro Tips for Affordable Budget Travelling

1. Select your destination carefully

You will have the option to follow your budget and travel peacefully and stress-free to your desired destination by selecting them wisely. A pro travelling tip for an affordable journey is to avoid going to well-known areas and discover less expensive destination options.

2. Check out cheap flight tickets

For budget travelling, always check for discounts and offers on flight tickets, accommodation, and other services given by different travel apps and websites. It is about exploring approaches to bring your costs down. 

Don’t forget to cross-check the prices from different websites.

3. Use Review Websites frequently

Review sites will let you filter to see what budget travellers are assuring you about the price. Use this to verify if your chosen vacation spot is affordable and worth it. You can use this as a guideline before you book anything.

4. Avoid traveling in the peak season

The cost of the accommodations may depend on different occasions, days of the week, and demand. Travelling during school and public holidays probably comes with a larger price tag. But, during the off-peak season, you can get less expensive flights, less expensive inns, and the opportunity to see a destination in less frantic season.

5. Pack lightly to avoid extra luggage charges

If your luggage becomes heavy, you will have to shell out more money during your journey. The flight tickets would become pricier. You will have to hire a porter/sherpa at various places to make you dole out more money. Hence, always try to pack the bare minimum stuff in your baggage.

6. Pack an additional Debit/Credit card

While travelling, pack an extra credit or debit card with you and keep it separately from your wallet. Thus, if you have lost your wallet or your previous debit card has been declined, in such a situation, you will not have to face a shortage of money during the journey by having an additional ATM or credit card.

7. Travel alone to save money

You can plan your tour using solo travel sites and adjust your entire trip according to your choice and budget. Solo Traveling can be an experience for those who like adventure trips. One of the advantages of Solo Traveling is that you can easily modify plans at your convenience. You do not have to seek the consent of anyone.

8. Carry your own water bottle

Buying water outside is expensive as well as pointless too. Tap water is much easier to find. If you pack a water bottle when you venture, you can drink plenty of water at no extra cost.

You can’t take full water past security at the airport, so pack a spare one in your backpack and then fill it up once you’re inside.

9. Choose your travelling partner in order the share the costs

Travelling solo introduces you to a raw experience where you get to know the person inside you. But if you want to save, the best and affordable travelling tip is to select a companion who’s willing to go on the same trip as you do, so you can split the money on various expenses such as accommodation, travel, tickets, etc.

10. Hitch-hicking

Hitchhiking is a fantastic way to get around. It is allowable only in some countries and regions.

Some people would recommend you to avoid hitchhiking completely for a safe journey, but in my view, it’s a pretty safe activity as long as you do it:

(a) With at least one other person,

(b) in broad daylight

Welcome to the world of hitchhikers!

11. Take photos during trips

These do not cost anything, not difficult to share, and most importantly, they do not take up space in your luggage. You can always cherish those memories by capturing photographs.

12. Go for public transportation

Travel expenses can vary from country to country, whether with a taxi, public vehicle, or your vehicle. It can be one of the “huge three” expenses that travellers need to manage, the other two being food and accommodation. While travelling you need a good deal on transportation, always consider which nations you are visiting.

13. Stay in Hostels /PG/Dorms

Choose hostels or PGs or dorms because they have made some progress in recent years, and you can enjoy many amenities that you can find in a hotel with a shower and TV. Also, most hostels or PGs offer free Wi-Fi facilities and a kitchen to prepare your meals.

14. Earn while travelling

There are endless ways to make money while travelling. The only thing you need is a laptop with a high – speed internet connection. Freelancers can earn a decent source of income in minimal time. If you’re a professional, you can also make money by teaching a language in another country. There are many part-time work openings if you put in a little effort and time.

15. Cook yourself or Eat at local markets

Cooking by itself is also an approach to keep your travel budget-friendly. Additionally, it can be healthier than outdoor food.

16. Shop less and avoid visiting big malls

If you have an urge to shop while travelling, you must restrict yourself to buy only the unique item you get there, do not go on a shopping spree. Most of the products nowadays are available online/ in retail outlets, so you can buy these local items even at your place, and maybe at an affordable price.

17. Use student discount cards

The pro tip while travelling by plane or using discounts at tourist destinations is that students must bring their ID proofs. The ID proof of your educational institution is compulsory to avail discounts.

You should know that some tourist destinations around the world have concessions for travellers. And if you’re a student, you can get an extra discount on various expenses. Apart from daily deals, there are additional perks, such as travel cards and reward points. Of course, such offers are only valid for commercial tickets, and students between the ages of 12 and 26 can take advantage of rebates.

 For example, World Heritage Sites already have fares that cost very little, while National Parks offers 75% discounts, especially for students.

18. Research everything about your destination by giving more time for a trip

It is always advisable to do all researches for your travel destinations before you arriveHaving more time gives you alternatives to select the vehicles nearby, negotiate assistance and convenience, and shop at grocery stores and cook your meal.

Final Analysis

Although there are mainly two categories of wanderers – the first is one, who follow the affordable travel tips & travels on a low budget, the traveller, while the second is those who spend a lot on their trips, the tourist. More or less, the journey experience of both types of wanderers will remain the same. Now you decide which category you fit in!