20 Ways to Know You Are A Travel Addict

Do you feel restless when you don’t travel frequently? Your travel-bug in you doesn’t let you stay at a place for too long? These are a few signs that prove you are a true Travel Addict or Travel Enthusiast or Wanderlust or Travel Freak or Hodophile (a lover of travel or lover of roads) and the list of terms is never-ending…

According to Booking.com (2019), personal fulfillment sees travelers making their destination choice based on their own development. More than half (56%) of global travelers agree that travel has taught them invaluable life skills. Also, the travel industry will see a rise in people’s desire to learn something new whilst away, as well as an increase in volunteering and skills-based vacations across generations.

1. You have an endless travel list.

It’s not just 7-8 exotic places on your bucket list. It is literally endless! You want to roam in every corner of the world.

2. You are a travel addict with an uncontrollable urge to travel.

Travel addicts can easily get distracted from their monotonous routines, they always want to escape to their happy place, that is, Anywhere on the Earth. Due to their uncontrollable urge to travel, they cannot stay in one place for very long.

3. You are all ears when someone is making travel plans with you.

Whenever someone is making plans about a trip with or around you, you just tend to divert your full attention to the plans that they are making and show them your naturally occurring travel enthusiast coming from within. Suggesting to them what to do, where to go, what places they should try, is something you do all the time.

4. The obsession with travel pages and blogs is high.

Every time you refresh your social media accounts, you are blessed with another scenic view of a mesmerizing place on the feed. This makes you follow more and more travel pages and bloggers, which truly defines, you are a travel addict.

Signs you are a travel addict

5. You cannot stop searching for the best places, food, and hotels for your next trip.

If you’re a true Wanderlust, you can easily get excited for the next trip, which makes you constantly start searching for which places to visit, such as the best cafes and restaurants to eat, must-go-to places, hidden gems, hotels for the stay, and stuff like that!

6. You can’t resist thinking about your trip.

While doing your daily chores or even working at your workplace, you just can’t stop thinking about the trip and the adventures that are going to happen. As a result, you become so busy with your thoughts that even daydreams become normal for you!

7. Even the idea of traveling revives you from inside.

It feels so soothing to you when you start daydreaming about your trip. The idea of traveling can revive the gloomy soul in you to a joyous mood! You get excited while planning about it. You think about all the adventures that could possibly be going to happen

8. You just can’t sleep a night before your trip.

A travel addict’s excitement levels get so high before any trip that they just cannot get enough sleep a night before their trip. They can’t stop planning things, like thinking about their suitcase items and travel essentials, and thousands of other thoughts start rushing into their heads!

9. You get a constant urge for the next vacation.

You cannot stay in a place for too long. Being in one place is not your thing if you are a travel addict. As well as, there is a constant urge of planning and going out for your next vacation. You also start thinking of your next trip while you are being present at one!

You Are A Travel Enthusiast

10. Your therapy for exhaustion is “Traveling”.

After a hectic week at work, people eagerly wait for weekends to sit and relax. But you wait for weekends for traveling. This is your way to beat exhaustion. 

11. You have a fear of running out of time to explore the world.

If you have this fear going in your mind then yes, your travel addiction is high! There is always a thought that time is running out and you have too many places left on your bucket list to explore.

12. All you want is to earn while you travel and make it full-time.

You get inspired by the work of travel bloggers and the life they are living. All you wish, you could also live the same life, and this inspires you to quit your job and live like a travel blogger! 

13. Books, shows, music related to places make you want to travel.

Whenever you read books or watch movies related to places, travel, journeys, you just imagine yourself being there, and it makes you want to travel more.

14. You get very enthusiastic when people seek bits of travel advice from you.

It’s a very proud moment when people around, seek travel advice from you. You’re considered as a travel expert because of your frequent traveling habits and therefore hope for the best pieces of advice they could get.

15. You can pack in a jiffy.

It’s not a big deal for you to pack your bags in a very short period. You are a packing expert too. Travelers know how to pack things lightly within a short period of time.

Love Travelling

16. You can never say NO to any travel plans!

You are always ready for any kind of journey. Making excuses to cancel the plans is not your thing, instead, you find excuses to take a short travel break, and that’s beautiful!

17. Your family and friends always complain about your travel addiction.

Your family and friends complain about your travel addiction, some of them have accepted your addiction, and some still advise you to consult a psychologist! 

18. Instagram travel posts make you go crazy.

You follow several travel pages and bloggers on Instagram. Therefore, every time you see a new post from these pages, it drives you crazy and increases the urge to plan another quick trip.

19. You dream about your trips while even sleeping.

You are a real travel addict if you dream about yourself traveling the world while you are sleeping. “Have faith in your dreams, never stop dreaming because dreams do come true.”

20. You are the happiest version of yourself while traveling.

Nothing in the world can give you immense pleasure other than traveling and exploring the places around you. When you are doing your favorite activity that is traveling, it makes you the happiest version of yourself, makes you carefree, allows you to accept challenges, and opens doors to new opportunities. Traveling teaches one a lot!

Are you addicted to travel?