There are many reasons to fear from failures.
Here we have discussed 5 reasons why you have a Fear of Failure. Success is something that everyone wants to achieve. But many of us failed because we quit in the beginning. We all have fear of failure and worried about what our families and this society will be going to say after we failed to achieve our goal. We restrict ourselves, not because of others but due to our wrong mindset. Also, we don’t want to come out of our comfort zone. There is no external barrier but it is in our mind. Who made it? Is anyone goes into our head and created it? No. We are the ones who set those hurdles for ourselves. Disabled is not the person who is physically handicapped but the person who never wants to do anything. So, here are 5 major reasons why people have a fear of failure:

Lack of Expertise

We always consider the task difficult. We think that it is beyond our expertise and how can we master this? But remember an expert too in his/her starting phase is the one like you. She/he did not become an expert in a day. It took many days and nights to become such a successful person.  So, anyone can learn anything in life if they want to.

Predict the Outcome

In our minds, we predict the result before starts working on it. We think of the outcome first and its consequences. Because of this, we are unable to focus on our goal and after one or two attempts we quit doing that.

Fear of Society

We are afraid that if we fail then how we can face the society or our loved ones. We think society will definitely blame us and do taunting. So, they end up taking easy tasks.

They Follow the Crowd

It’s good to learn from your society but never follow them blindly anyone. If 10 people did not get success in a particular field then it doesn’t mean you too are not capable of doing that task. Everyone is unique so as their path, life, destiny, and even their career. Everyone knows the story of the Fox and the sour Grapes. Fox unable to get the grapes, so rather than admitting his mistake, he stated that the grapes are sour. Moral of the story – The people generally hate things that they can’t get. So, don’t make your decision on the opinion of others.

Lack of Confidence and Improper Judgments

Most people can decide what they want to become but only a few of them put their 100% into the tasks. In the starting, everyone gets lots of failures. The people who already have a lack of confidence assume many negative things in their minds due to which they quit the race. At that time we are unable to make proper judgments.

No Backup Plans

When a person doesn’t have backup plans then he/she fears a lot. Having proper backup plans will give you confidence and will reduce anxiety about possible failures in the future. So, all these reasons are the cause of your failure. Try to avoid them and be focused. Don’t get affected by the negative aura instead try to learn positive things from them. No one can neither predict the future nor change the past. So, think about your present and give 100% in your tasks irrespective of thinking about its outcome. Then only you will be able to succeed. I hope you like the article and if you feel I missed any of the points then do comment below.  Accept your Failures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Accept Failures and overcome your fear
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