Many people leave our lives as soon as they arrive, though some stay longer. But sometimes we choose ourselves who to keep and who to let go from our lives on the basis of certain parameters. But even after letting go, some feel still connected to their past. Do you feel the same? Are you still feel connected with him/her?

Do you still want him/her to know that you are still caring or looking for ways to get connected with him/her? Do you still think that he/she will appreciate your efforts now?

No, they will not…

There is a chance that they may have thrown you out from their lives like a useless paper and move ahead in their lives.

But what are we doing? We are still remembering all those bad memories and regretting all that happened in the past. We all forget to think about the present and waste our time thinking about those useless things. Will he/she get back by doing this? Think!

Was his/her heart the right place for you or does he/she consider you to be an ideal person just like you believe him/her was? No.

You haven’t seen the whole world yet, still, you consider that single person to be complete or absolute for you. Why? Why do you think that he/she was the last person in this world who could understand you? Think a little… If he/she had understood this much then he/she would never have gone like this.

Everyone thinks in their own way. Maybe what you thought was love, was just a friendship for her/him. We are sad, not because of them but because of our expectations. Thinking more and more about them ruins us from within. We think that what we think is true but we are oblivious to the fact that this is our own created world. We get deep down into this world emotionally slowly and slowly. And unable to differentiate the outside world from our own. The outside world is very different from what we desire. The world doesn’t work as we think.

Everyone can have their own preferences in life. We are no one to make decisions for them. The situation which is bad for us might be good for another person. It all about priorities. Maybe we didn’t deserve him/her or vice-versa. God has thought well for everyone even for the culprits but at the same time, Karma is a bitch. Karma always turns around and comes around. If you do something good for others, good things will always come around you, in one or the other way, but if you don’t then not. It all depends on your actions. And don’t treat them the same way as he/she did because then there will be no difference between you and those people.

How You Can Improve This?

Raise Your Bars

Don’t be like “How will I manage without him/her” or feel hopeless. Never fall too much for anyone that one day you fall into your own eyes. Keep some self-respect with you. Because the world will keep you as you keep yourself. Set your standards. Don’t be too easy for everyone. Those who don’t want to stay, let them go. By leaving one, your life will not end. Instead, you will learn life-changing lessons from these incidents, and these experiences will also give you the ability to judge other people wisely.

Be with Those Who Care

You need to start focusing on those who are still there or care for you, no matter how often you fight with them. They will always put you ahead of anyone else. Find those diamonds in your life. They are worthy and bringers of happiness.

Learn to Forgive

It’s a must to learn to forgive, only then you will be able to move forward because if you have a feeling of revenge then you will never be able to remove that person from your mind, even if you have removed him/her from your heart already.

Be Focused

You have many things to look around. Don’t spend your whole life thinking of those messed stuff. If the person has to stay, he/she will remain connected anyway no matter what. You don’t need to do anything for that. Also, start focusing on your career and other important things. Never give importance to those where you feel it’s a waste.

Know your Self-worth!

Are we still connected?
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