Woman having Psychological Disorder
Everyone must have seen difficulties as well as good times once in their life. Sometimes we get angry and sometimes we cry. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we feel disconnected from the world. So, all these are normal human reactions that we have. But if symptoms such as low mood, stress, changes in appetite, or abnormal sleep patterns remain for more than two weeks then it is not a normal reaction. You might have any one of these disorders. After reading this article, just ask yourself, are you suffering from a Psychological Disorder or not?


People admit it or not but they have fears and get anxious about many things. Whether it be a cockroach crawling on the ground or coming in front of the huge public. In most cases, people confront their fears and try not to face them anymore. A Phobia is an extreme type of psychological fear of things that possess little or no actual danger. Phobia can be of anything like autophobia – fear of being alone, cryophobia – fear of ice or cold, and even pogonophobia – fear of beards. This looks funny but asks the person who tolerates it. Some phobias are normal while some can be intense. It’s all about you how you deal with it. There is a huge list of phobias available over the internet. Find out which one you have?


  • Unable to sleep on time (you tend to sleep after 2 hrs or 3 hrs from the normal time)
  • Frequent sleep breakdown (Sometimes you get up in between for no reasons)
  • Get up too early in the morning
Despite these, if you are facing problems in the daytime as well then, they all are symptoms of insomnia. You may feel irritated, stressed, tired, and not able to do any work properly. So, to prevent this, we need to first change our routine. Many of us have a habit of daily checking our phones or doing work or watching TV till late at night. Try to avoid these as they will going to hamper your sleep.

Eating Psychological Disorder

Persons who have abnormal eating habits come under this category. Majorly, they are of three types:
  • Anorexia (In this, patient limits the food intake and there is a low food absorption rate. People become thin and can suffer from hypothyroidism, anaemia, or osteoporosis)
  • Bulimia (It is similar to Anorexia but in this, you eat plenty of food and later vomit in order to avoid weight gain.)
  • Binge-eating (In this, you have no control over yourself. You eat when you are not even hungry and eat until your stomach gets uncomfortably full. Also, eating quickly is the add-on symptom of this psychological disorder.)


It is a serious mental disorder that causes a person to have dramatic shifts in emotions, mood, and energy levels. Generally, an affected person comes across 3 phases and any phase can come anytime. It is just a random thing.
  • Mania (When someone gets over-excited for everything)
  • Normal
  • Depression (When someone feels too low)
So, if you are going through this, consult a doctor and in this case, proper diagnosis is also important. To fight against this psychological disorder, many effective treatments are available in the market, and meditation can also be helpful in this case.

OCD – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

It is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person repeats his activities and has recurring thoughts and urges for checking something. The most common type of obsession found in people is the obsession with contamination. In this, the person starts feeling that his hands or body is contaminated and this thought occurs again and again in his mind. Despite knowing the truth, the person unable to control himself and ran towards the washbasin again and again. Even then the person is not satisfied. This made you surprise but the sufferer has the ability to finish the soap within two days. There are many cases reported of suicides as well. Sometimes to neutralize their behaviour they start murmuring in their minds. They want everything perfect whether it is a pen on the table or the arrangements of books. All you need is to just understand and identify this disorder. The good thing is that its treatment is available and many patients get better results.
There are many more such types of disorders like Paranoia, Schizophrenia, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. If you want me to write about them as well then reply to me in the comment section below. 
Woman suffering from Psychological Disorder
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