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In the midst of this pandemic, we are thriving. Developing our skills in virtual interaction through social media or games. I can call it bliss injected in you by your demons, which will not be good for your social behavior. If you feel that this skill of virtual behavior will ascend your social points, your thoughts will lead us to a predictable world, where your emotional features will be gauged by some intellects, which we call Behavioral Predictability. What if someone predicts your behavior at a certain time or your response to a critical situation. Your answers may be best suited for a situation, but in my view, no one knows what is best unless he has the outcomes for every possible act. Even we, human beings, are the result of diverse information passed through centuries of evolution. In other words, our acts are relative to the outcomes. If these outcomes are limited then your behavioral predictability becomes easier. We are not meant to walk the same path; we have feelings that make us different beings. Our feelings may be resistant to perfection, but this is the reason for the diversity in us.

Diversity is Important

We must have diverse behavior and this can only be achieved by developing in an environment that is not limited. Even the first thing that must have come to Zuckerberg’s mind before he created Facebook is to create a virtual world that competes with the real one. Reading is the key, either you make synergy with your thoughts or follow them to move ahead. Every book is an observation of a situation the person has faced. Human beings are made to develop. We have the upper hand over other living beings because of our sense of learning and discovering. People are working on AI now, finding every way to teach machines the behavior of humans and the art of decision making. Collection of every step we take to cope with a situation. Either you collect every data for millions of situations a person faces or you limit the situations. The easiest will be reading the person who is confined to artificial surroundings because they have faced lesser situations than those who live in the real world. Everyone knows that machines will never be better than us until they become adaptable. If we do not reduce our dependence on our gadgets and interactions with the virtual world, they will soon get this feature too. If we lose our feelings then we will be easily matched with machines. Once a wise man was asked how much water there is in the oceans. He replied, “It depends on the size of your bucket.” So, how big is your bucket? Is it from another person’s mind or from the unlimited universe that you feel daily?

Final Verdict

We can’t have the same experience as others. We have to exploit every possible outcome. This world doesn’t care for those who are similar. You need to be different or you will be replaced. A time will come when we have to compete with machines and the better will be the one with a more complex algorithm. There will be no why then. We have millions of ways to excel in our environment. We should not take the same steps as others. Drop your gadgets, start learning nature, its rules, and experiment. Even the Kryptonians were sure that men would one day evolve to superhumans to present their breed to us. If those people observing us find out the behavior of the ideal man, then it will be a loss to humanity

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Behavioral Predictability
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