7 Clever Tips to Embrace Uncertainty

Everyone faces uncertainty in their life but the decision taken in that situation determines their fate. Some assumptions stemming from situations that have not yet occurred, traumatized people the most. This mental state forces people to set boundaries for themselves or limit their abilities.

Does Non-Vegetarianism Lead To A Wrong Path?

Is it wrong to be a carnivore? Does Non-Vegetarianism Lead To A Wrong Path? This question must have arisen in the minds of many people and has always been a part of endless discussions. Many people try to influence others…

Innocent Killing in Kerala

I am a blogger and I had just started writing because I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone so that they could feel inspired. I see a world with a very different point of view, as I see that every goal is achievable if you are willing to achieve it. We just have to make sure that we are willing to do what it takes. I have a good interest in mythology and I like to learn more and more about our culture and history.

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Nowadays, people have really forgotten humanity. A similar incident occurred on 27th May 2020 on the Velliyar River in Kerala. A 15-year-old elephant died not naturally but because of some ruthless people. It was an innocent killing in Kerala. According…

Behavioral Predictability

I am an eagle who will try to guide you with my vision in this changing world. I will show the pros and cons of the happenings around you. It is better to share your thoughts rather than keeping it to yourself. The only reason I have for writing blogs is, to predict the future. Please share your thoughts on my writings, it will help me to achieve perfection.

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In the midst of this pandemic, we are thriving. Developing our skills in virtual interaction through social media or games. I can call it bliss injected in you by your demons, which will not be good for your social behavior….

Why Do We Lie to Others?

Everyone lies. Sometimes we lie to others and sometimes to ourselves. Why do we lie to others? Just think, don’t you make excuses when you got late for your office or an interview? How often it happens when we don’t…

Most Affordable Thing is Your Smile

The most affordable thing in today’s time is the smile and no one will look bad either. Sometimes we smile when we are happy and sometimes, the smile makes us happy. Once a person asked the mirror, tell me what…