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The best word I can use to describe Jordan is ‘magical’. This is a land that has been relevant in history for more than 2000 years. Jordan is one of the most diverse countries in the Middle East. After spending two weeks exploring the beautiful country, it is very easy to see why it is one of the all-time favorite destinations. You will love that there is so much to see and do. Whether you want a relaxing holiday on the beach or go scuba diving, Jordan is a prime adventure destination and I strongly recommend this place for you to spend your holidays. Plus with our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide, you can get the most out of this place.

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In our Jordan travel guide, I have mentioned many exciting places such as the beneficial Dead Sea, the captivating beauty of Aqaba, the inspiring ruins of Petra, and many more world-famous spots. Believe me!!! Tourists in Jordan will never be at a loss because there is something for everyone. So, to prove this right, let’s dive into our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide.

Jordan Travel Guide



The official currency used by the Jordanians is the dinar. Jordan also uses European Euro for almost everything. In most of the country, prices will be marked in Euro, though you will likely receive Dinar as change during a purchase. In light of moderate local turn of events, high energy, food sponsorships, and a broadened public-section workforce, Jordan typically spends Euros annually.


Language of Jordan is Arabic

The official language of Jordan is Modern Standard Arabic, an aesthetic language directed at schools. Most Jordanians locally talk one of the non-standard Arabic tongues, known as Jordanian Arabic. Jordanian Sign Language is the language of the deaf organization. English, anyway without legitimate status, is commonly spoken throughout the country.

In recent years, Jordan has seen an increase in tourism which has led to an increase in the use of English. It is possible that unlike in big cities, the locals of a village may not understand you, but to impress them you can learn some basic words and a few I have mentioned in our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide.


Jordanian people

Jordan’s way of life revolves around Arabic and Islamic customs and culture. Jordan remains at the union of the three landmasses of the outdated world, loaning its geographic and common people range. Their great way of life includes habitual music, traditional dressing style, and enthusiasm for sports such as football.

Although they are still associated with their old culture, the general societies of Jordan are heavily influenced by the West. European and American music, films, design, and a variety of enjoyments are well-known among the people of Jordan. Clubbing and celebrating culture are available in Amman, particularly in the Western portion of the city. A small minority of youth, are generally wealthy in West Amman. Being the capital, Amman is reliably declared as one of the most westernized and modern urban areas of the district and comprises more than 40% of Jordan’s population. Shopping centers, Western-brand stores, and lodgings are significant components in Amman’s metropolitan life, particularly on the Western side. 

Film and Media

Nonprint media has assumed the most important part of Jordan’s culture and specifically, films have flourished because of great acting and creative, interesting storylines that challenge and study modern Arab society. 


Rural Zajal songs, along with spontaneous poetry are very popular in Jordan with Mijwiz, Tablah, Arghul, Oud, and many more famous musical instruments. Of late, Jordan saw the ascent of some unique DJs and pop stars as well.


Jordan most famous dance-Dabke

One of the most well-known dance moves in Jordan is “Dabke”. This might have proceeded as good orientation isolated or co-ed gatherings. One of the key parts of Jordanian culture is the neighborliness that appeared by hosts to their visitors. This is felt even while strolling around the roads of Jordan, where the expression “Ahlan wa sahlan” (“I invite you”) is heard almost wherever you go.


Jordan culture

If we especially talk about the Middle East, and about Jordan, it’s important to view information from a variety of sources. We always have media and government websites where you will see posts about travel warnings and advice and that is how I have mentioned this in our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide.

To maintain the peace of the country, Jordan did not participate in the Arab Spring that began in late 2010, and you may have noticed that the government always tries to carry forward the message of peace and stability.  Although Jordan is a Muslim country, they are one of the most liberal and accepting in the region. Also, the Jordanians are multi-cultural, multi-denominational, and very educated.  They respect the Muslim religion, but they never force any religious practices on their citizens. 

It’s important to always remain aware of your surroundings, to travel with a companion when possible, and do not carry valuables on your person.  This advice rings true no matter where you travel. Best of luck if you are planning your endeavors!


Complete Travel guide for Jordan

Are you confused about your travel plans to Jordan or don’t know how many days are enough to spend there? Well, I have a solution for you. If you want to know the best time to travel to Jordan or have questions related to Visa and Passport, I have covered every minute details that you can think of in our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide. So, let’s check this out!!!

Best Time to Travel Jordan 

The best and ideal time to visit Jordan is between March to May (spring) (top season) or October to November (pre-winter) (second busiest season). Temperatures can be very hot in summer and cold in winter. If you are not social and want a peaceful holiday, you can also travel to Jordan in the off-season. 

I went there in mid-October, which I felt was the perfect time to visit this magnificent place. The days were warm and bright (25–30 degrees) with pleasant warm winds and the evenings were cold and still (15–22 degrees). I was surprised to find that the weather in most of the locales (other than Petra) was pleasant.

Important Documents to Carry During a Jordan Trip


  • It is helpful to maintain a list of required reports before submitting a visa application.
  • Keep up an additional arrangement of copies for the documentation while visiting the Jordanian Embassy 
  • Guests arriving in Jordan for the first time are required to come to the Jordan Embassy.
  • Constantly check the official site for any changes in Visa rules or charges.
  • Remember the clothing way while in Jordan. It is insightful to carry a scarf with you. Not to cover your face from the sun, but to visit some strict locales that still follow the old culture.


  • Abstain from buying Forex at the Departure Terminal of the International Airport 
  • Try not to take little categories and coins while heading back from any objective nation 
  • Abstain from trading money at the air terminal as you may get a helpless transformation rate. You may do as such at any trade counters in the city.

Visa and Passport

Passport and Visa for going to Jordan

Indians or any other foreigner can either acquire a visa and passport from the nearby Jordanian Open Center or get a visa-on-appearance. The visa charge is 40 JOD, as per the Jordan Tourism Board International.

You can apply for a visa legally or through a travel planner. You will need the following detail reports to obtain a visa:

  • Completed Tourist Visa application structure 
  • Photographs according to determinations 
  • Passport with the legitimacy of at any rate a half-year 
  • Confirmed flight tickets (two-way) 
  • Proof of convenience (inn appointments or different plans) 
  • Travel Agenda   
  • Bank explanations for in any event a half-year

The processing time for the Tourist Visa of Jordan is between three to five business days. The traveler visa is commonly valid for fourteen days.

Jordan has two global air terminals – one in the north, in Amman, and another on the Red Sea coast, in Aqaba, giving explorers and brilliant open door for a tour over the entire nation. One can begin their trip from Amman. To maintain a strategic distance from the complaint toward the start of your trip, it also ideal to book a private exchange to the city, which additionally incorporates an expert English speaker.

This is what you can do in Amman. A smart thought is to do some touring around the city and visit its significant milestones and renowned exhibition halls. You can also take a guide to visit a city that fits in chronicled destinations that are still of significance to local people. Apart from this, you can also enjoy dinner with the locals and in this way, you can experience not only the nearby food but also their local culture.

Number of Days, to be at Jordan

Now comes, for how many days we should plan our trip here. Well, first of all, it depends on how much you want to explore and how much time you have. But still, in this Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide, we have included a 5-day and 10-day Jordan flexible itinerary covering the main attraction points, to get you a rough idea.

5 days itinerary discussed in Jordan travel guide
Best attraction points to visit in Jordan, Jordan 10 days Itinerary


Jordan is not an economical country. For a week, it costs a minimum of $ 1,500- $ 2,000 per person, excluding your flight tickets. The budget will increase if you prefer to travel with your family or friends.

What amount of cash will you require for your tour to Jordan? You should plan to spend around JOD58 ($82) every day on your stay in Jordan, which is the normal one-day cost dependent on the costs of different guests. By and large, JOD14 ($19) on suppers for one day and JOD9.54 ($13) on neighborhood transportation. Similarly, the typical housing cost in Jordan for a couple is JOD55 ($ 77). In this way, an excursion to Jordan for two individuals for multi-week costs on normal JOD813 ($1,146). These normal travel costs have been gathered from different voyagers to assist you in arranging your movement spending plan. 

An excursion to Jordan for multi-week ordinarily costs around JOD406 for one individual. Along these lines, an outing to Jordan for two individuals costs around JOD813 for the multi-week. An excursion for about fourteen days for two individuals costs JOD1, 625 in Jordan. In case, you’re going as a group of three or four peoples, the cost of one person regularly goes down because child’s tickets are less expensive and accommodation can be shared. If you travel more slowly over a more extended timeframe, at that point your everyday spending will likewise go down. Two persons voyaging together for one month in Jordan can frequently have a lower everyday financial plan per person than one person voyaging alone for the multi-week.

A Few More Things to Know When Planning for a Jordan Tour

  • Women are genuinely traditionalists in Jordan. It’s aware to keep your arms and legs secured. At the Dead Sea resorts, typical Western swimming clothing is fine. 
  • Tampons are hard to track down. 
  • Public presentations of warmth are disheartened when in the more traditionalist territories.


Best places to roam around in Jordan as per travel guide

Roaming around the Jordan one would look at many best destinations. Starting with the capital of Jordan Amman to the Dead Sea, or Wadi rum to Zarqa. Everything is best with their around. Jordan is not everyone’s cup of tea, but once you get there, you are not going to forget it for life long. Dive down into our Beneficial Jordan International Travel Guide to search for some interesting places to roam around in the country.  

I have mentioned some of the best places in Jordan where you can visit and enjoy the fullest.

Amman: Unique Blend Of Old And New

Amman is capital of Jordan

The capital city of Jordan has a lot of surprises for travelers. Amman is a combination of both new and old flavors. A very well existence of Ancient culture can be seen at The sky-high modern buildings blend. It is also among the top 10 places to visit in Jordan.

If you are in Amman, you should surely visit Amman’s Roman Amphitheater, Abdoun for its terrific nightlife, shopping malls, Jordan Museum, Jabal Amman for art galleries, etc. There is also terrace cafes where you can spend a relaxed evening or watch the sunset from Amman Citadel. Don’t forget to visit Souk which is an open-air marketplace. Here you can buy Jordanian carpets, rugs, jewelry, handicraft, etc.

Mount Nebo: Beautiful Views Of Valleys

Most famous attraction places and photogenic place in Jordan

Mount Nebo is considered one of the most sacred places. At this place, Moses was laid to rest. It is a popular center for pilgrimage since Christian times and also counted in among the most famous places to visit in Jordan. It is said that the beautiful peak that looms above the scenic valleys is the attraction for the tourist. You can also visit Mukawir known as Machaerus which is another dramatic hilltop fortress near Mount Nebo. It is considered the most attractive and photogenic place.

Jerash: The Best-Preserved Roman Ruins

Jerash is the best-preserved Roman

If you love to visit ancient ruins, Jerash which is also known as Gerasa is certainly the best place to visit in Jordan. Jerash is the best-preserved Roman ruins and also great for a day-long trip. If you are here you will love the rolling hills and valleys that surround Jerash with olive, plum, and pine trees.

Bethany Beyond The Jordan: Jesus Was Baptized

Bethany is Beyond the Jordan

This place is officially known as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, but the actual name is Al-Maghtas. It is located on the bank of the Jordan River. This place consists of two areas: Al-Kharrar or Elijah’s Hill and the area of Saint John the Baptist’s churches near the river. It is believed that Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist over here. Bethany Beyond the Jordan is among the most sacred place in Jordan.

Dead Sea: Most Thrilling Place

According to Jordan travel guide, Dead Sea is the most interesting place to visit in Jordan.

The Dead Sea is the most interesting place to visit in Jordan. The unique thing about the place is a rich aquamarine color at the bottom of the sea and a fading emerald at its bay. There is a sea’s hyper-saline phenomenon that makes the people float on the water without any equipment. A mineral-rich mud is used for treatments. Apart from this, there is plenty of beach resorts around the sea for a comfortable stay. It is said that because of industrial activities held over here the water of the dead sea will completely dry within 40 years. So plan your trip before it’s too late.

Umm Qais: Medieval City In Northern Jordan

Umm Qais place

Umm Qais is the only green town in the desert country. Here you can have sweeping views of Yarmouk River, Lake Tiberias, and Golan Heights. You can do a day trip over here if you want and also stay in Gadara to experience the calm twilight and fresh morning air. If you are here don’t forget to explore the ruins of the Decapolis city of Gadara.

Petra: Place with a lot of Secrets 

Jordan travel guide has mentioned about Petra

Petra is the most ancient city in Jordan. You can enter the city through Siq which is 1 km long, narrow gully. It let you experience the vibrant colors and formations of the rocks. Once you reach the end of the Siq, you will glimpse an Al-Khazneh (The Treasury). It is the highest temple built with pink and red rocks. Al-Khazneh is one of the popular tourist attractions in Petra. Without a doubt, you can go there when visiting Jordan. In Summer it is open from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm and in winter timing is 6:00 am – 4:00 pm for all 7 days in a week. There is also Entry fees over here, For:

  • Non-accommodated Visitor or 1-Day Visitor – 90 JD
  • One night or accommodated visitor 1-day pass – 50 JD
  • For 2-day pass, one night or accommodated visitor – 55 JD
  • One night or accommodated visitor 3-day pass – 60 JD
  • Children who are under 12 years – Free
  • Locals, residents, students in the Jordan – 1 JD
  • Aqaba: Mixture of History, Nature, City Life

Aqaba: Marine Adventures

Gulf of  Aqaba is most visit place in Jordan

The Gulf of Aqaba is the most interesting place to visit if you are in Jordan. Apart from the travelers, Jordanians themselves come over here to chill and swim. This is one of the most photogenic places in Jordan with its pretty mountains view and deep blue waters. Plenty of fun and exciting things are waiting for you. Explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea, deep-sea diving, and snorkeling.

Wadi Rum: Quintessential Desert Valley

Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum, east of Rift Valley is Jordan’s desert landscape. It consists of narrow canyons, sandstone arches, high cliffs, and natural caverns. This place is considered among the most interesting places to visit in Jordan.

If you are planning to stay overnight in Wadi Rum, so there are tents available at reasonable rates where you can stay and enjoy it. Here you can sleep under the wide blue sky, looking at the shooting stars who change their colors which is a unique and entirely different experience. Watching the shooting stars in the cold desert in summer can be an amazing experience.

Mujib Nature Reserve: Heaven For Thrill Seekers

Historical place in Jordan

Sculpted steep valleys, Rugged gorges, and tons of hidden pathways in between the rocks merge to form one of the enormous and wonderful historical places in Jordan. This place is considered as one of the lowest nature reserves on the earth which slowly merges into the saline waters of the Dead Sea. Mujib Nature Reserve attracts tourists because of its countless adventure-seekers and daredevils. This reserve allows tourists to indulge in various activities like rock climbing, zip-lining, hiking, and many more.

Madaba: Holiest Town Of Jordan

Old famous city  to travel in Jordan

Located in the heart of Jordan, Madaba is an old city that can be found on the edge of the Highway. This place is famous for its gold-gilded mosque, spikey tall minarets, magnificent, Madaba, and some little town. Along with the gold-gilded mosque, this city also allows the tourist to explore some of the holiest sites. Beautiful Byzantine artwork in the alcoves, chapels filled with the essence of spirituality, amazing ancient mosaics, and the remnants of the old Roman town adds to the already surreal experience.

Aljoun: Road Less Taken

Aljoun a small town to explore in Jordan

Aljoun, a small town in Jordan can be added to the list of exploring places. If you like less to travel on road, Aljoun is paradisiacal. The famous Ajloun Castle standing next to the ancient smaller town is what attracts the tourist most. Aljoun is one of the oldest places to visit in Jordan. It allows travelers to walk the old gateways and also roam around the interior courtyards of the castle.

Irbid: Educational Hub Of Jordan

Irbid place in Jordan

Irbid emerges as the educational hub of Jordan. Yarmouk University and other well-known higher education facilities are present over here. Apart from the center of education, it is also home to many archeological sites and there remaining. You can visit the place if planning to explore Jordan.

Zarqa: Modernized Little Town

Jordan Travel Guide: Zarqa (Mordernized Little Town)

Zarqa attracts tourists because of its rough, lived-in feels. This city is the modernized energy of the Middle East. There are no historical monuments in this town still Zarqa is among the important place to visit when in Jordan. It is home to numerous bazaars, markets, local food shops, teashops, and many more. 

Dana Biosphere Reserve: Place Of Staggering Beauty

Is Jordan safe to visit

Dana Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest nature reserves in Jordan. It is a fabulous place to go for hiking and walking on a breezy day. Here many activities are organized like cycling trails, cooking classes, stargazing, and bird watching. If you are here, you will feel the breathtaking beauty, heritage, and biodiversity of the place. Endangered species like Sand Cat, Syrian Wolf, and the spiny-tailed lizard are found over here.


Things to do in jordan

Shopping In Jordan

When we plan to travel, our priority is Shopping. For women, it is the most important thing needed. Women are most likely to some unique clothes and ornaments. If you are in Jordan don’t miss buying scraps which is the famous thing about the country. There are many famous markets where you can visit and buy things. The people who are more prone to shopping can easily get information from beneficial international Jordan Travel Guide. Here, I am mentioning some of the best shopping areas. You can find some wonderful things over here and can take them back home with yourself. Once you are in the market keep your bag empty and wallet full. Here are many things you can shop, here is some best shopping place, such as:

  • Al Balad
  • Mecca Mall
  • Rainbow Street
  • Souk Jara
  • Wadi Rum Visitor Centre
  • Why Not Shop
  • Taj Mall
  • Jerusalem Bazar
  • Made In Jordan
  • Nadia Dajani Jewellery
  • Trinitas At The Soap House
  • Ola’s Garden

Nightclubs In Jordan

Other great things to do in Jordan Nightclubs are also there where you can chill. You cannot ignore the nightlife of Jordan. There are many popular bars and clubs with unrecorded music, DJs for tourists. There are also a lot of bistros and beachside bars that are open until sunset. The best thing about the nights’ clubs in Jordan is they are safe and friendly. Food and beverages are available at a reasonable cost. I appreciate visiting nightclubs and bars whenever I’m in Jordan. You can book your spot earlier with and get in without an issue, Enjoy! Here I am mentioning some of the best Nightclubs where you can visit and enjoy a memorable night life. Such as:

  • Cube Lounge
  • JJ’s Bar And Night Club At Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • The Blue Fig     
  • The Irish Pub
  • National Gallery Of Fine Arts
  • Royal Yacht Club Bar
  • Formosa Restaurant
  • Cave Bar
  • Wranglers Pub In The Petra Palace Hotel

Cycle/Bike/Car Rides In Jordan

Despite being known as the happy experience of the country, don’t miss the rides in Jordan. There is still a great extent to explore with cycle/Bike/Car Rides. Hold your hands and energize yourself to do best in the rides and experience the most adventurous trip. Here I am mentioning some famous rides of Jordan, Such as:

  • Enjoy an adventure ride with a small group of cyclist
  • Cycle through Jordan’s rolling green forests, sandy red deserts, and dramatic canyons.
  • Nader Bikes
  • Ayla Oasis
  • Jordan Tourist Guide – Driver – Fixer
  • Mage Tour
  • Bedu Tours
  • Sindbad Jordanian tours
  • Experience Jordan Adventures

Adventure In Jordan

It is human nature, whenever we visit a place. We always look for adventures things we can do over there. A trilling seeker will always look for the adventure to get their heart pumping. Jordan is considered the hotspot for adventure seekers. You can enjoy various adventure things when in Jordan. In this beneficial international Jordan travel Guide, I will cover all the best adventure things to do over here. Such as:

  • Rock climbing on the cliffs of Wadi Rum
  • Hiking through the Dana Biosphere Reserve
  • Snorkeling, sailing, and jet skiing in the Gulf of Aqaba
  • Camel rides through the ancient city of Petra

Events/Shows In Jordan

Whether we talk about Music, sports, or arts. There is always something that happens in Jordan. You can find the best events to enjoy when you are in Jordan with Here you can have the look for upcoming shows and events whenever you are in Jordan. With a beneficial international Jordan travel Guide, you can find the best events you can enjoy during your trip. Here I am listing some range of events that held in Jordan, such as:

  • Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival
  • Azraq Festival
  • Jerash Festival
  • Amman International Theatre Festival
  • Jordan Rally

Travel Historical Places In Jordan

There are many Historical places to visit in Jordan. Viewing the remains of ancient Jordanians and their way of life is quite interesting. With our Beneficial International Jordan Travel Guide, you can find various museums and aquariums where you can visit and explore. Don’t forget to visit this place when you are in Jordan. I loved the decoration and styling of these places. It was a very impressive and eye-catching place. Mentioning some of my favorite places that you can explore, such as:  

  • The Jordan Museum
  • Royal Automobile Museum
  • Al Hakaya (La Storia) Eatery and cultural center
  • The Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth
  • Central Bank of Jordan Currency Museum
  • Aqaba Archaeological Museum
  • TIRAZ Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress
  • Marine Science Station Aquarium
  • Petra Museum
  • Umm Qais Museum


What to eat in Jordan

Whenever we are on a National or International tour, we are more likely to try the best or famous food of the place. We all have different tastes and choices when it comes to eating. Some people can be vegetarian and some may be non-vegetarian. In our Beneficial International Jordan Travel guide, I have mentioned all the best foods and restaurants that you must try when you are in Jordan. Although Jordan is an Arab country, still a traveler can easily find Vegetarian food across the country. For a Non-vegetarian, there is a variety of dishes that one can try. Find out what to eat when you are in Jordan.

  • Falafel
  • Moutabel
  • Hummus
  • Fattet Hummus
  • Labneh
  • Galayet Bandora
  • Warak Enab and Kousa Mahshi
  • Tabbouleh
  • Arabic salad
  • Ful Medames
  • Manakish
  • Kaek Bread Sandwich
  • Turkish coffee and mint tea

Apart from the above, there are some more things that you can try while traveling to Jordan. They are:

Olives (zetun)

Olives are available in every Jordanian kitchen. They are also called as Prince of the table. When you are in Jordan don’t forget to try them. Wherever you go to eat you can find them.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most important that is used in the preparation of food in Jordan. You will love the food prepared using this oil. There have good fragrance and taste.


Once you try it, you will fell in love with za’atar, It is a thyme and sesame seed mix of herbs. Za’atar can also be mixed with olive oil and sopped up with bread. You can also enjoy eating it with raw vegetables. This can be tried with many things.


The topmost reason why Jordanian lamb is so good because lambs over here are grazing and nibble up the herbs and shrubs of the land. The lamb in Jordan is really tasty.

Communal eating/sharing

You would love the sharing and communal aspect of dining in Jordan. In Jordan food plays a huge role in the family and cultural life.

Check out these restaurants in Jordan for delicious foods:

  • Sufra Restaurant, Amman
  • Hashem Restaurant Down Town, Amman
  • Papaya Restaurant, Aqaba
  • Petra Kitchen, Petra
  • Al Wadi Restaurant, Petra


Jordan Travel Guide: Best places to stay in Jordan. People camping in Jordan

Best Hotels in Amman, Jordan

Budget Hotels

  • Rayshan Hotel***
  • Virgina Hotel Suites***

Mid-Range Hotels

  • Amman International Hotel****
  • The Sanrock By LeReve Hotels****
  • City Rose Hotel Suites****

Luxurious Hotels

  • Four Seasons Hotel Amman*****
  • Fairmont Amman*****
  • W Amman*****
  • InterContinental Jordan*****

Best Petra Hotels, Jordan

Budget Hotels near Petra

  • Town Season Hotel***
  • La Maison Hotel***

Mid-Range Hotels near Petra

  • Guest House Hotel in Petra****
  • Petra Moon Hotel****

Luxury Hotels near Petra

  • Petra Marriott Hotel*****
  • The Old Village Hotel & Resort*****
  • Movenpick Resort Petra*****

Best Dead Sea Hotels, Jordan

Mid-Range Hotels

Dead Sea Spa Hotel**** Ramada Resort Dead Sea****

Luxury Hotels and Wellness Resorts

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea***** Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa*****

Jordan is a great place to visit. One would feel very safe and really enjoyed the mixture of ancient bits and pieces such as Jerash and Petra with natural speculate such as Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.

It felt safe during the whole trip through Jordan and would recommend it for all types of travelers: solo, family, or couples.

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