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Well, happiness! Sounds so easy and just like a regular word right but do you ever feel that it has an intense role in your life? Have You Found Your True Happiness? Are you truly happy or just adjusting and compromising with your life? Science and technology cannot answer your question about happiness but your inner self can. Happiness has a different meaning and definition for everyone because each life experiences different values, roles, and responsibilities. Even many of us probably don’t believe that we need a formal definition of happiness; we already know when we feel it. But I believe happiness comprises a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our life. Thus, it needs to be defined. Some people referred to happiness as joy, excitement, good mood while some say it’s a feeling of enjoyment, pleasure, or a range of positive feelings. That’s okay! because everyone has a different perception. But I think TRUE HAPPINESS is when you’re really satisfied with what you have in your life irrespective of your countless desires and attain peace of mind. Do you ever think of how happiness plays a vital role in your life? Does it even matter to you? Happiness matters the most because it’s like an important nutrient that helps you to maintain your physical and mental health which contributes to your overall betterment.

Importance of Happiness:

Happiness is the key to your success

Since it has been linked to mental peace and thus keeps you motivated. You become more creative, energetic, and compassionate towards your life goals. When you’re happy, you feel more encouraged to work hard to achieve your target. When you allow your sadness to continue, you somehow become more lethargic. Therefore, happiness is a source to make your life better.

Happiness is the highest form of health

We all believe that being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle. It helps to boost up your immune system and performs better digestion since your brain and stomach are in constant contact with each other. Additionally, it reduces stress and prevents the risk of chronic diseases. Sadness may cause manifestations in your brain which leads to brain damage while happiness influences your brain to grow, expand, and improve. Meanwhile, it helps in increasing the chance of your life expectancy as well.

Happiness makes your relationship strong and better

We all share our lives with families, friends, relatives, work colleagues with whom we may interact regularly. What better gift can you give your loved one than to help them become happy? Happy people tend to share their good fortune with others and also try to help others. So, this is a really great way to share and receive happiness. If you are happy, then you make people happy which promotes a healthy relationship.

Happiness boost up your productivity level

Happiness is a great factor of motivation and acts as a helping hand to let you perform better continuously. You become more productive and try to push your limits. It tends to cause significant positive improvements, higher engagement, and positive energy. This is a much-needed tip for your workplace.

Happiness contribute love and peace towards the global community

It is not only essential for our personal life but the social and global community as well. It helps to prevent war, violence, unnecessary arguments, and fights. Unhappy people found to be more engaged in wars and violence due to the absence of their mental peace. Happy people contribute more to society. It decreases greediness, money mindedness and thus helps to prevent crime as well.

Essential Tips to Find Your Inner and Real Happiness

Do what makes you happy

First, you should know what happiness means to you since you have different roles, values, experiences in your life than others. Stop thinking and start doing the activities you genuinely keep interested in. Be it reading, writing, painting, cooking, spending time with family, helping others, etc. Keeping yourself busy is an effective way to attain your mental calm. However, always keep in mind that any of your actions should not cost anyone’s life or happiness.

Don’t rely on others to make you happy

You need to remember that your happiness comes from your inner self and it’s your state of mind to choose happiness thus depending on others to be happy is not a good idea. Practically we all depend on our loved ones for our well-being because undoubtedly, they play a very crucial in our life. But please understand that no person can provide all the terms you need for your happiness. Don’t wait for others to make you happy all the time rather acknowledge the specific behaviour and take some time to evaluate what it is that makes you happy then, you can practice finding happiness for yourself.

Forget your past and move on

Don’t dwell on your past. Do yourself a favour of stop killing yourself with guilt, stop carrying the burden of past mistakes, and need to stop blaming, judging for what you have done in your past. If you keep blaming yourself then you hardly find true happiness. God has forgiven you; the problem is that you haven’t forgiven yourself. Your past mistakes are your lesson for today and you still have a chance to make a better version of yourself. Also, if you hold any grudges or hate for other people then try your best to forgive them. You will feel peaceful and relaxed.

Take a break

It sounds good that you are focused on your goals but sometimes you should take a break once in a while because no matter how passionate you’re about your aim and targets, you’ll still end up getting exhausted. Try to take a nap, travel, interact with your friends, and go outside. Do whatever makes you relaxed. Believe me, it really contributes a lot to your mental health.

Find out just a few minutes for meditation

We all believe that happiness is a state of mind and sometimes it becomes really difficult to hold on to just one state (mental status). Meditation will help you to increase your capacity for happiness, reduce stress, control anxiety, and promotes emotional health. It produces chemicals in your brain like endorphins and serotonin which are responsible for the production of happiness cells. It is suggested to start learning meditation.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Most people fall into the trap of comparing themselves with others which ultimately kills their happiness. I hope you’re not one of them or if the same goes with you as well, then stop doing so. It’s natural to have this but you should start examining your achievements and accomplishments rather than comparing yourself with others. Once you stop comparing, your confidence will automatically boost and ultimately, give you true happiness.


Life is either like a path full of thorns and storms or a roller coaster ride. You may experience sorrow, heartbreak, loneliness, anxiety, failure, rejection, or any kind of emotional phase that affects your mental peace but all these are temporary. Happiness is a choice and a practice. If you let your sadness continue for a long time, you may lose your purpose of life which is as harmful as a baby without a mother or earth without water. Your emotional phase of life makes you realize the value of true happiness. Everyone deserves happiness and thus you too. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. I hope you find this article helpful and will work for your happiness. Suggestions are most welcome.
Have you found your true happiness in real sense?
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