Holidays to Mauritius

The Indian Ocean Island country Mauritius well-recognized for its beautiful beaches, inlets, and reefs was initially discovered by Arab sailors, somewhere around the 19th Century. It was considered as the deserted Island by the Arab sailors and they named it Dina Arobi. There have persisted many earlier discoveries of this country founded by the Portuguese sailors, the Dutch, France, and later Britain after France conceded Mauritius and its dependencies. If you want to explore some of the best Mauritius destinations and the country further, you can visit it at any time. It will certainly be a good experience as this beautiful country and holidays to Mauritius will not let your expectations down.

People enjoying in Mauritius

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A Deep Dive into Mauritian Culture

People at Mauritius Local Market

When it comes to knowing about the cultural background of beautiful Mauritius, it has very interesting chronicles. If you dive deep thoroughly to know about the cultures of this nation then you will find out that there is a medley of several mixed cultures that make the actual one community and that is one of the best things about this country. Early in the nation, the nationwide individuality of becoming a Mauritian is developed and proceeds in the workplace. The mixture of cultures establishes the island’s essence.

The concern occurs, without determining national cultural traits, as to whether Mauritius has a particular culture or whether one is emerging is still a riddle. However, it is really interesting to know and meet people of different cultures and of different dialects. It helps to know the world and its people better. Also, if you can enjoy several things simultaneously at a certain place, it is also a good thing. To know more about the country, you can go through this guide to continue your voyage and holidays to Mauritius.

Festivals Around The Corners

Mauritius festivals

It is also one of the notable things about Mauritius Island that there have been celebrated many different festivals which demonstrate the opulent inheritance of the people of the isle and its racial distinctiveness. Here’s a list of the incredible festivals that have been celebrated around the corner just to make your holidays to Mauritius more exhilarating:

  • Chinese Spring Festival
  • Thaipoosam Cavadee
  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Ugadi
  • Ratha-Yatra
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Assumptions of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Diwali
  • Eid ul-Fitr and so on


People dancing in Mauritius

There is no official language which is spoken throughout the entire country. Nonetheless, the preponderance dialect and the lingua franca of the state are French-based Mauritian Creole. About 5.3% of people also communicate in Bhojpuri as well as English and French are also the common language in schooling and the main lingo of the media. Swimwear while relishing at the coasts. Hindu women are dressed in formal sarees as it is a significant role in their cultural bequest and Muslim women can be noticed donning burkhas and hijabs.

A unique style of dance and music named sega arrives from the isles within reach from Eastern Africa. It is a mixture of harmonious rituals from Africa, Madagascar, Europe, and India. All these things will make your holidays to Mauritius more thrilling. The major environmental crises encountering here are water deterioration, sod and soil deterioration, and conservation of its nature.


Scuba diving in Mauritius

Best Time To Visit

If you are wondering what time and season would be best to visit Mauritius then let us tell you, Mauritius has an equatorial environment. The sun-kissed weather of this place is one of the reasons people love to visit here during the months between May to December when the weather here is cool, cloudless, and dry. Continue reading to know more about the Holidays to Mauritius.

Important Credentials To Carry

If you wish to apply for a Mauritius visa then you will just have to fill a form online. The documentation that is mandatory to get an entrance visa in the isle country are mentioned below:

  • Official passport with least validity of six months.
  • Verification of the flight ticket.
  • Vacant visa papers for passport imprinting.
  • Bank affidavits to assure monetary status.

Airport That Will Welcome You

The name of the main airport that is serving Mauritius is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. The airport was originally recognized as Plaisance Airport. And in case you are planning to visit this African Island Utopia but not sure of how many days to spend there then let us clear your suspicions. However, there is no specific answer but the duration of 7 to 14 days would be quintessential.


If you are confused about what would be the exact budget to visit Mauritius is required then let us tell you touring here is not at all costly. You will just need to have 25k to 30k per head to explore the country and experience the best of holidays to Mauritius. If you are thinking about visiting the country all alone then you would not have to worry about the budget as it won’t take a huge amount of money. You can manage the budget on your own If you take the essential items with you and by avoiding purchasing extra essential items from there.

However, the price for things is reasonable there as you can easily get the food at cheap costs. Despite concerns about the budget, it is important to note that when we travel far to a new place it takes some budget to enjoy the things that we plan no place is cheaper unless you visit some villages.

Travel Essentials And Gears Required During The Mauritius Trip

Travel Items
  • Interchange Money: It will be essential for you to interchange the money at Mauritius airport once you depart from the flight. They will give it to you at a fair cost. You can make use of the US bucks at distinct premises but it is important to interchange it particularly if you intend to wander on freeways.
  • Acquire Your Essentials Before: Mauritius is not an inexpensive country and you will have to pay a fair amount if you want to purchase something for yourself. It is advisable to purchase your essential items before you land in Mauritius because products like toiletry containers, power banks, sleeping masks, sunglasses are pricey there.
  • Few More Things To Note: Here are a few more things which you should know while touring here. Buses are inexpensive and the taxis are restful. It is up to you only how you would like to tour the country. You can also rent a car there. One more thing that is very important to note that during your visit make sure you keep yourself safe from the minor thieveries.


Highly recommended places:

  • Balaclava: Balaclava is one of the best tourist destinations of this place as it is widely considered by many people. It is located in the North of the island and it is plausibly the most elegant part of the isle. It is very near to Pereybere, the stunning well-known coast in Mauritius.
  • Chamarel Coloured Earth: Chamarel is a small-scale town and one of the main sightseer places situated in the Southern West area of the nation. The 7 colored coatings of the sands are the reason most tourists love this place hence; they visit in large numbers just to have a glance at it. Its loveliness can attract people from far away so you must visit this place once. That’s what will make your holidays to Mauritius more thrilling.

Best For Honeymoon

Couple enjoying sunset at their bicycle

If you are planning to visit here for a honeymoon but not certain whether it would be a good pick or not then let us tell you that it would be the best option to go to Mauritius for your honeymoon. There are many tremendous blonde beaches and with a good customary climate around 18 to 22c. You can also enjoy delicious food there at a cheap cost.  You can also get a lot of fruits on the road while roaming there. Overall, it would be the best place to enjoy with your loved ones. That’s what will make your holidays to Mauritius more exciting.

Best For Family

Family enjoying vacation holidays in Mauritius

Encompasses by a fascinating turquoise inlet, Mauritius has miles of equatorial coasts preserved by outer atolls. The mild, shallow waters render the island harbors for families yearning to enjoy their day’s snorkeling, kayaking, boating, or just gliding with dolphins. You can also go to the beach and have a great time there to make your holidays to Mauritius more delightful.

Best For Adventures

Person is performing Adventure activities in his holidays to Mauritius.

If you love going on adventures then this beautiful destination is definitely the best place for you. Indian Ocean Island has many secrets which you will love to know by exploring this beautiful country more. So here are some of the best things you can experience and enjoy your holidays to Mauritius:

  • Scuba Scoot
  • Quad Biking
  • Submarine Ride
  • Kite Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling At Ile Des Deux Cocos
  • SSR Botanical Gardens
  • Sugar Cane Plantations
  • Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve
  • Dolphin Watching Tour

For Solo Travelling

Female solo traveler in Mauritius

Traveling to a different state can be truly daunting, mainly if you are touring alone. Mauritius is one of the famous island destinations, particularly for partners and honeymooners hence you won’t notice many alone visitors here. And here are the things that you can do to have a good time at Mauritius tourist places while traveling solo:

  • Go For Couchsurfing for accommodation
  • Visit Offbeat Places
  • Join The Hiking Groups With Other Travellers
  • Make New Friends And Meet Them To Explore The County More
  • Experience Snorkelling In The Blue Bay
  • Enjoy The Local Food With Creole Cuisine
  • Visit Casinos and Clubs
  • Get Indulged In Other Free Activities Here
  • Ride The Island On A Scooty

All these things will make your holidays to Mauritius more electrifying.

Best Places To Hang-Out With Friends

Girls partying and spending their holidays in Mauritius

If you are planning to visit Mauritius with your friends and seeking the best places to hang out with them then here you will get the list of the best Mauritius places to visit and to hang out with friends.


House keeping party

If you are wondering about what are the things to do to make your holidays to Mauritius more fun then don’t get confused and just keep reading to know about the best things you can do there.


Everyone loves to go on shopping and if you are one of them then Mauritius will meet all your shopping needs as there are many places where you can shop as much as you want at a reasonable price. Here is a list of some of the best places in Mauritius to go shopping for so take your time and experience Mauritius shopping:

  • Le Craft Market – Caudan Waterfront
  • Curepipe – Plaines Wilhems District
  • Bay Bazaar – Grand Baie, Rivière Du Rempart
  • Floreal Square – District Of Plaines Wilhems
  • Arsenal – Pamplemousses District
  • Bagatelle Mall – Moka
  • Centre Commercial Phoenix – Vacoas-Phoenix
  • Flic En Flac – West Coast Of Mauritius
  • Central Market – Port Louis
  • Quatre Bornes Market – Plaines Wilhems
  • The Mahebourg Market – For Best Shopping Experience
  • The Flacq Market – Largest Outdoor Market.

Night Clubs

It is not fully evident to some people that there are some best resorts in Mauritius plus it also has many night clubs because they are undervalued. But that’s not a concern as you can have a lot of fun there if you love gatherings and going to parties. This place is the spot reckoned as the nicest for its spectacular elegance and eye-pleasing terrains, relish outside entertainments and astonishing views of nature. These are the places where you can party and have a good time at night:

  • Flying Dodo
  • Lambic
  • Fifty-Five Lounge Club
  • Zoobar
  • 7 Merveilles Restro-Bar
  • Lambic
  • Banana Beach Club
  • Casino Senator
  • The Address Boutique Hotel
  • Big Willy’s
  • The Beach House Bar & Restaurant


If you enjoy going on adventures, then the best place for you would be Mauritius sightseeing. By exploring this beautiful country more, the Indian Ocean Island has many secrets that you would love to discover. So here are some of the best things that you can experience and enjoy:

  • SSR Botanical Gardens
  • Sugar Cane Plantations
  • Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve
  • Dolphin Watching Tour
  • Scuba Scoot
  • Quad Biking
  • Scuba diving
  • Submarine Ride/ Snorkelling
  • Kite Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Enjoy at the best beach


If you are on a trip to Mauritius and wants to explore more and more new things and amazing events then here is good news for you. Our event calendar provides you with details of events in Mauritius today, tomorrow and even in the coming months, from clubbing, nightlife, happy hours, festivals, art exhibitions, theatre, live music concerts to beach parties, sports events, wellness retreats, culinary workshops. All these things will make your holidays to Mauritius more breathtaking.

Historical Visits

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide is the island country of Mauritius. It is a multicultural location, home to people of Indian, African, French, and Chinese descent, known for its beaches, flora, and fauna, as well as picturesque scenery. The island’s tropical climate attracted Europeans here, which made its history very remarkable. Between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, the nation was dominated by the Dutch, French and British. And here are the best historical places that you will love to explore in Mauritius:

  • Martello Tower
  • Eureka House
  • Le Morne
  • Matthew Flinders Monument
  • Citadel Fort
  • Baie de l’Arsenal
  • La Route du Thé
  • St. Aubin House
  • Beau Plan Sugar Mill
  • Aaprawasi Ghat

Ride The Town To The Fullest

If you are also one of those who loves riding bikes, scooters, and cars then it is a place where you can do all of that without any inconvenience. Yes, you can enjoy your time by renting any bike or scooter for walking in most of the areas of Mauritius. You will get these services at fair costs however if you want to rent a car to go to another place then the chargers will be reasonable. It is indeed a good experience to ride a new town in the city on bikes and cars so don’t miss adding this to your to-do list if you are here to enjoy your holidays to Mauritius.


Mauritian food

If you are a foodie and can’t resist yourself eating various types of foods then this place is perfect for you. You can enjoy a vast variety of foods at different corners and restaurants in Mauritius. A large variety of food from different cuisines is offered in Mauritius. Here the markets offer global food products at a wide range. It is important to understand that there is no diverse Mauritian food; before the Portuguese discovered it on their voyage through the Indian Ocean. Here’s the mouth-watering list of the foods that you will get in Mauritius:

  • Bol Renverse – Layered Rice topped with Fried Omelette
  • Boulettes – A Variant of Chinese Dumplings
  • Achard Legumes – Pickled Vegetables
  • Gajak – Deep Fried Snack
  • Roti Chaud – Indian Flat Bread
  • Seafood – Mauritian Sea Dish
  • Dholl Puri – Wheat Pancake Stuffed with Ground Peas
  • Sugar from L’Aventure du Sucre
  • Mithai – An Indian Dish turned Mauritian
  • Curries – Popular Mauritian Cuisine
  • Farata – The Mauritian Version of Parata
  • Alouda – Almond Flavoured Faloda
  • Bois Cheri Tea – Mauritius Chai
  • Dim sums – Momos
  • Mauritian Biryani – A Hyderabadi Variant of Biriyani
  • Curries – Popular Mauritian Cuisine

If you are a vegetarian and avoid non-vegetarian food then you don’t have to worry about your food needs in Mauritius as you will get the best and most delicious vegetarian food here.

Vegetarian Food


It is a traditional Creole dish and a mixture of European and Indian flavors. With herbs such as parsley and thyme and Indian condiments, it is a tomato-based sauce. With the use of ginger, garlic, and coriander, the dish gets extra bulk. Meat is usually found in Rougaille however, with kidney beans, tofu, and mushrooms. You will get the vegetarian mixture of it in specific reverence, Rougaille’s vegetarian mixture is similar to the French dish Ratatouille. Often, it is eaten with rice. When you are in Mauritius, this dish is a must-try. In terms of the food on the island, it is as local as you can find.

Non-Vegetarian Food

Seafood Of Mauritius With Sea Dish

It’s really clear that there’s some fantastic seafood in the store on an island surrounded by water. Mauritian cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines as you can enjoy sea-food in plenty of variety it also plays a major role in soups and curries and different dishes. You should try the crab curry, coriander and chili fish, fried squid, Vindaye ourite, Vindaye Poisson, and other dishes based on seafood. The most delicious seafood in Mauritius is along the seaside freeways and at the shore stalls. Get ready to dine this neat water catch!

Mauritian Cakes


Napolitaines are traditional Mauritian cakes, which are now found everywhere, including in hypermarkets as well. 2 shortbread buns clasped jointly with confiture and accordingly coated with an especially pink lustre (they are similarly available in a white glaze too) is the delicious Napolitaines that you can enjoy here.

Best Lounge in Mauritius

Fifty Five Lounge Club

Located at Grand Baie, Mauritius Fifty Five Lounge Club has incredibly vibrant ornamentation in violet and red gives an exceptionally appealing view to this Mauritian nightclub. The fences are donated by life-size posters of distinguished stars and delicate glinting with throbbing music sets the mood for fabulous nighttime. Of yore, several exotic and famous composers have graced the spotlight of Fifty Five Lounge Club, including Feat DJ Wiky, DJ Ferguson, and Think Aloud Band.

This club’s regular guests are somewhat teetotal. If you want to party in style while wobbling to the entrancing music, then it can be your perfect hangout spot.

Be sure to try their Mezze platter and Mushroom Brulee on the menu.

Opening hours: from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day.


Best hotels and resorts to stay in Mauritius

Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the best and most desired spots for the tourists that came here all around the world. The best thing about Mauritius is the weather and it is located on the Indian Ocean Island. It is also recognized for the fair share and cheap rates of foods and other services. You can have a fabulous lifestyle here. Also, the country has many beautiful tourist destinations where you can stay whether you’re a couple or a solo traveler. You will find the best places to stay here and you will be experiencing the best time of your life. Here are some of the best hotels and resorts where you can stay and have a great time:

  • Pereybere
  • Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort
  • Constance Prince Maurice
  • Grand Bay
  • Four Seasons Resort
  • Mont Choisy
  • Trou aux Biches
  • LUX Grand Gaube Resort & Villas
  • Belle Mare
  • Flic en Flac
  • Le Morne

Hotels in Balaclava (Highly Recommended)

3 star and 5 star hotels in Mauritius

The town of Balaclava is generally regarded as the best location in Mauritius for traveler settlement. Balaclava is also the most elegant part of the isle, situated to the north of the island. Pereybere, the best public beach in Mauritius is very near to it. However, it’s not that it counts, as most of the hotels in Balaclava still have personal waterfronts that are as charming as public ones. It is similarly only limited miles from Grand Baie, a metropolis that caters wholly to visitors and is renowned for its sensational nightlife where you can be amused all night long by diners, pubs, and casinos.

The Resort & Spa of the Westin Turtle Bay

The Westin Turtle Bay Resort and Spa, Mauritius, offers tremendous views, excellent service, and premium facilities. Hotel guests are welcomed to explore the idyllic Turtle Bay, memorable Port Louis, and rich Grand Bay, situated near an exempt marine park. Refuel yourself in one of our expensive inn lodgings after an exhilarating day in Mauritius. A personal hallway or balcony is given in every lodging room and suite, several with aquatic and beach views. Lovely beds, delightful baths, unrestricted Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and iHome docking stations are in the area. Take a swim in our outdoor reservoirs, work out in the gyms, rejuvenate in our wonderful Spa, and have dinner in one of our most intriguing eateries.

In Mauritius, the majority of tourists are couples and families. Solo travelers and younger ones are scarce. There are not many hostels, so prior to traveling to this destination, it is advised to review the availability of inns. But if you are really in need of a good hostel here then you will get it just by going through thorough research for it.

For instance, if you want to know more about the hostels’ availability then there is Mauritius Four Seasons Resort at Anahita where you can get all the best facilities and can have a good time as well as it is also best for the night stays. In several municipalities around the isle, there are hostels that provide a good route for traveling to all areas of Mauritius. There are several buses in this small region with typical exits, making it manageable to fly across the entire island. All these things will certainly make your holidays to Mauritius more fantastic.

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