Comfortable with your skin

Many people do not feel comfortable with their own skin. They become more uncomfortable when someone put seasoning on it by saying that you couldn’t do anything. They start blaming themselves and end up quitting their hobbies. Is this the best way to deal with it? Think! Why you are allowing others to decide your fate? You are your own master. It’s okay to be short, skinny, fat, or tall. You don’t need to justify others or make excuses in front of them. Accept yourself the way you are. The only thing which matters is whether you are comfortable with your beautiful skin or not. Ask yourself and always remember, no one is perfect in this world. So, to answer how to be comfortable with your beautiful skin, here are 5 tips which you can follow.

Start Accepting Yourself

The first and foremost thing you should do is accept yourself. If you do not accept yourself then how can you expect others to do that? Never damper your self-esteem. Instead, think positively. Start taking taunts as a challenge and let them know your potential. An expert or a successful person was also a beginner in the starting. He would have never progressed if he had thought about other people’s points of view. He has his own perspective which leads him to success. So, you too can flourish. Only there is a need for such a mindset, nothing else. Try to flush out all the insecurities from your mind.

Don’t Quit Things

You can’t do that! You are unfit for this! This activity is not for you! This one is not good for you! I am pretty sure you must have heard such types of things in your life but quitting things, thinking that what people will say can never bring inner peace within yourself. You only know which things are best for you. So, don’t be afraid of others. Start focusing on your goals and enjoy what you do. Nowhere it is written that a fat person cannot learn a skateboard or a skinny one cannot do weightlifting. Everything is possible if you have a self-determined mindset. You only need to concentrate on what will lead you to accomplish your goals then start working accordingly.

Choose Persons to Be With

People can put a great impact on your life. You are very well aware of this. It can be in a good way or a bad way. So, stay with those who always lift you, not with those who always put you down. Then, your life will surely get filled with lots of happiness. You will not hesitate to do anything which you like. Then, you will be who you are in reality and love to share even your awkward moments with them.


Many people do not even like to see their face in a mirror. They keep on blaming themselves and don’t take care of their body. For self-respect, one should be groomed properly. Start giving importance to your body from today itself. This is the best practice to do as it will increase your love for your body and boosts confidence in you.

Start Listening to Good Music 

Music is a source of great inspiration. The best thing about music is when it hits you, you lost all your worries and pain. That’s what a piece of good music does. It directly affects your soul and defeats your bad luck. This can bring spring into your life and automatically scaled-up your mood.

All these things will help you to love your skin even without makeup.

“Self-love is the key to happiness. Love the skin you are in.”

– Cheryle Sally

be comfortable with your beautiful skin
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