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How to master the art of moving on? A human being learns the most in life through experiences like failures, rejection, and poverty.  These three experiences test a person inside out. While things like failures and poverty can be shared with parents and friends. The rejection part is something that is a bit too personal, you can talk about it with your family and friends but, in the end, it is you who have to deal with it. Your friends and family can motivate you, make you feel better but it won’t help until it you help yourself. When I say “Moving On”, I’m not talking about a lover only, it can be anything, it can be the loss of a loved one or moving to a newer place where you know no one. Anything bothering you and taking you again and again in the past is what you need to move on from. Let’s see how can we deal with those memories of the past and move on in a better way.

Accept the fact that you are missing someone/something

The first step in solving any problem is accepting the fact that it exists. We need to first accept that we are missing someone or something that we used to love. Many times, we try to hide our feelings thinking that expressing them in any manner will leave us vulnerable and expose our dark secrets. Even if someone tries to help us, we nudge them away and deny the fact that any problem exists. We have to understand the fact that avoiding a problem does not solve it.

Be optimistic about the future

One thing that almost each of us does while remembering the past is that we think that it is the last good thing that happened to us. We tend to associate the change in life with sadness and think that the future will be bad and the happy phase of our life is over. Once in life, we all have thought bad about something we are yet to experience and later on changed our views about the same after we actually experienced it. We, human beings, always fear the change, we are always doubtful about the future. In order to move on, we must think positively and be optimistic about our future. Remember the first day of the office? we didn’t feel good, we used to think that we’re stuck. Now, look at the present, we have made several good friends at the office and have met so many good people. Always remember, not everything will go bad, not everything will turn out good, life is a 50-50 game.

Change your Perspective about the Past

One of the disadvantages of growing up is the fact that we start watching the world in a perspective that we shouldn’t be. Our perspective often gets influenced by the things we see. In order to deal with the past, one thing that can be done to move on is changing the perspective we look at the past. We always feel sad about the separation but never feel happy about the fact that the meeting happened. I think we can be happy with the fact that good things happened in our life. Well, it seems a difficult task to do, right? I agree with you. But let me change your perspective a little, you will then know what I mean. Just think about it once, when was the last time you cried missing your childhood, when was the last time you cried while missing your school days? I guess a majority of us have not. Why didn’t you cry for those beautiful memories? Not everyone gets the chance to live a beautiful childhood. On the other side, you cry for the person who left you and will be replaced by someone better in the future but not for the only beautiful childhood you experienced in life. We associate happiness with childhood memories and remember those days with a big smile, why can’t the same be done for every sad memory? Why do we have to remember the past sadly and not happily? Why not associate happiness with the past? I hope you got my point, thinking about the happy time you spend with your loved ones is the secret to moving on. Be as happy for the memories of your loved ones as you are for the memories of your childhood. You will feel a lot happier and satisfied by doing so.


Life is a roller-coaster ride with multiple ups and downs. The secret to enjoying the ride is in cherishing every moment of it. Also, it is okay to feel sad, no one in the world is happy 24×7, except the people of Gokul Dham society, they’re, for no reason, always happy. Jokes apart, feeling sad while remembering the old memories is perfectly normal. But clinging on to that and not moving forward is not. So, collect the memories, cherish them, because “Yahin Baatein To Baad me Yaad Aati Hain” (English- These are the things we will remember later on).
Girl standing holding umbrella | Moving on from bad relationship
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