How to redeem your time in the best possible way.

Time is a very powerful weapon. It is just like a sword. If you know how to wield a sword, you can win any battle easily but if you don’t, then it is of no use for you. In the latter case, you may hurt yourself too. So, proper utilization of time is necessary for all. You should know the importance of time. Here are 7 tips on how you can redeem or reclaim your time.

Don’t Be Busy for Being Busy

Redeem or reclaim your time in a proper way

Many people do things just to pass their time. They not believe in doing anything extravagant and have a let it go behavior. But even then, they are not happy with their life. Why? You only want to live with this lifestyle. No one forced you to do that then why are you expecting something great to happen in your life? If you do not realize the importance of time, then how will time understand you? Think about it. When you give something to someone only then someone will help you to get something. So, learn to value time from today onward and try to redeem it. 

Sell your brain, not time.


Schedule Your Time

We all make our plans according to others. It is true that for a successful plan everyone’s availability is important but doesn’t do anything without thinking. Prioritize your things. Do not postpone your important work for the sake of enjoyment. First, finish your work and consider the enjoyment time as your reward. Then things will go smoothly.

Time is what we want most and what we use worst.

William Penn

Think Ahead of Time

Whether it is to select your clothes or to think about what work to do first or where to hang out. Plan everything prior. You can plan for the next day before going to bed. All these things will prove very helpful to you. Then only you will be able to move ahead of others.

Stick to Your Plans

Before reading information on this section, answer my question first. What is more important than submitting average work on time or submitting the perfect work after the time limit? Think about it. Working within time is more important because once the time passes then even perfect work is of no use. So, if you have thought something then do it on time even if you decided to take a rest. Make a to-do list and follow your routine.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


Fill Your Cracks

Nobody has seen the future. So, everything is not as same as what we think or desire. But to avoid falling in between the paths, we just need to manage our time. If for some or the other reason, you are unable to finish your work or task then not to worry. You can spare time by adjusting your upcoming tasks or you can try to finish other tasks as quickly as possible in order to manage your time.

Explore Your Time Wasters

Resting is not a waste of time, but doing useless or unnecessary is a waste of time. Identify those voids in your life and try to remove those from your life. Then only you will be able to utilize your time properly.

Never say Tomorrow

Never postpone things for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes because when it comes it becomes today. Also, pending things for long will only give you a bunch of pain, sorrow, and stress, nothing else. So, make your move before you can’t walk and redeem your time.

“Do it now because sometimes now becomes never.”


Example of how to redeem your time

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