Elephant killing
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Innocent Killing in Kerala

I Trusted You…

The suspects not only killed the elephant but also the baby growing in her womb. Despite this, that wild animal did not attack anyone while breathing her last breath and not even stop the way for anyone. Being an animal, she thought this much for us but what we did? We left her to die. Those heartless people fed her a live cracker, although they knew that it could kill that animal. But they did it for fun. Was that really funny? Not once did they think about what they are doing. I have never thought that humans can go to this extent.

That fruit that she thought would be the savior, become a weapon against her. It exploded in her mouth, leading to the inevitable tragedy. Her jaw was broken and her tongue was injured. Even in this difficult time, she would not have been worried for herself, but for the child, she was about to give birth in 18 – 20 months. She kept wandering even in such pain. There was no one with whom she could share her pain or ask for help.

Are You Civilized?

After such a painful incident, you can easily identify who all are civilized and who all are wild. While groaning painfully in the streets of the village, she did not harm even a single soul. She did not crush a single sapling. She eventually walked up to the Velliyar river and stood there. In some pictures that went viral on social media, an elephant was shown who kept her mouth and trunk into the river to get some relief from unbearable pain.

The extent was reached when a forest officer said that she must have done this to avoid flies on her wounds. As I have mentioned earlier that she was a wild elephant and according to this statement, she should have done wild deeds but did the opposite. She showed the real meaning of being civilized.

Most of us think that the local people who have carried out this inhuman act should face the same dilemma as she had, but she never thought of harming the culprits. She just kept waiting in the river for her death. Do those locals have any right to call them civilized? Do those people deserve to live? I don’t know, but the brutality is not a civilized way of living.

Thank God, Few Actual Humans Still Exist

Everyone must be wondering whether the local people or even the forest officer tried to help her or not. There are still some people in this world who always think of saving rather than losing. And one such person is forest officer Mohan Krishnan, a part of the rapid response team who tried his best to save her. He brought two captive elephants, called Surendran and Neelakanthan, to take her out of the river. After hours of attempts by the officials to rescue the elephant, she died at 4 pm on 27th May 2020 in the river itself. Maybe she had no hope left for her or maybe she lost her trust in humans.

The entire incident was covered and shared on Facebook by Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan. Also, he gave her a proper farewell.

Loss Already Happened, Now What?

Everyone is angry and a little sad about her cruel death. Humanity is trying to express its feelings through multiple platforms such as putting out some stories and sharing some words about how cruel and tragic it was. But we should learn from her that being wild is just a matter of your own actions. Every life matters no matter how futile or prime life is, we should respect and love every being in this world. It was not just her story. There are many speechless animals with whom this has been happening for centuries. We have to stop ourselves from becoming wild and heartless. We have to understand that their life is equally important as ours. Remember, every pain feels the same as you do.

Final Verdict

Have some mercy for those innocent ones. Put yourself in the place of her and think. Will those innocent animals deserve this kind of cruelness? There were many people who were hoping that the government would give them food during the lockdown. Even the government distributed food among them but still, they are cursing the government. Would it have been fine if the government had fed poison instead of food to them? After all, how long we will keep killing animals for our benefit. They also have a family. As much as we love life, animals also love their lives. Nobody gave us the right to take anyone’s life and those ruthless people should be punished for this crime.

And yes, we live in a place where the elephant-headed God Ganesha is worshiped in almost every house. We call ourselves devotees but behaving like butchers. Do these animals deserve this? So, please try to understand their importance otherwise one day will come when they will not understand your importance.

Save Humanity… Save Life…


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  1. The article was very well written. I felt that more than alphabets, it was written with true emotion. Emotion, which goes beyond words, deep into the heart. The emotional connect that it had created was so, that I almost felt as if I was reading the words my own mind would have expressed. Deeply saddened by the loss of that innocent elephant. And a very big salute to forest officer Mohan Krishnan and other people like him. Hats off to them.


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