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One thought can change your entire life but this is possible when you actually implement it in your life. So, everything is in your hands. There is no doubt that sometimes luck too, plays an important role in your life. But this thing is just to test you how much potential you have. If you have full determination then anything is possible in this world. It takes time but not your life to achieve anything. Sometimes being poor is not your fate. It is because of not putting your efforts into achieving something. If you block all the opportunities and never try to find a solution to your problems then this disease will remain forever. Have you ever thought about what a successful person does to be successful? Some of them too were poor in their initial stage. Here are 6 valuable pieces of advice that made them the person they are today and trust me, staying poor is in your hands.

Never Blame Others For Your Failures

Often, we curse our luck or blame other people for all the mishappenings. But we never find any fault in ourselves. We should know that until we don’t stop finding the mistakes of others, we are not able to achieve anything in life. Only you are responsible for your failures, no one else. Stop making excuses in life and take responsibility for your failures. Do you know? The famous Jack Ma, co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group has a net worth of $39.1 Billion. But this didn’t happen in one night. He worked very hard and also accept his failures. In primary school, middle school tests, and even in the college entrance exam, he failed many times. He was rejected by Harvard 10 times. Many times, he was failed in getting a job. He was the only person who rejected KFC out of 24 people who applied for the job. Still, he did not give up. After all this, he started Alibaba which made him a hero from zero. For that also, it took him 3 years to grow. So, never give up, and rather than blaming others, learn from your mistakes.

More than One Source of Income

There are many people who are satisfied with their 9 to 5 jobs. Now, they don’t want to put more effort into their life but still, they have the ability to curse others. Have you seen any rich person doing this regular type of job? No. Not all of them were rich since childhood. They put their efforts and more importantly they changed their way of thinking. Start competing with yourself. You are your biggest competitor. No one can stop you from becoming successful on the day you learn how to earn money even while sleeping. Therefore, you should stop limiting your ideas, and always remember being poor is not your fate.
“Go for a business that any idiot can run – because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it” Peter Lynch

Start Investing

An average person always thinks of saving money but a rich person always finds ways to invest money. It is worth noticing that both are the same in appearance but their thinking makes them different from each other. So, rather than saving money start investing it into some profitable business. You can even invest money in the stock market.

Education is a Must

Many of us want to grow and also, they don’t hesitate in putting effort. But due to a lack of knowledge, they get trapped. Having half knowledge of anything is very dangerous. So, complete education is the key to success. Also, remember that you can’t get knowledge by simply collecting degrees, it is beyond that. Successful persons have always a habit of reading books. Not because he wants to pass his time but to learn and recreate his thoughts. Also, everyone should start taking financial education through newspapers or the internet. There are various platforms to do that. All this will help you to develop yourself. Instead of watching tv daily, start reading books or useful articles. Trust me, this will really help you in the future. Also, you should have a fear of perfectionism, then only you will be able to reach your destination. Just sitting and cursing your fate of being poor will not land you anywhere. You should have a passion to learn new things in life and know how to earn from it.

Take risk

We are often afraid to take risks. We think about what will happen if we fail tomorrow. I am not refusing anyone to take the risk without even giving it a thought. But it is wrong, not to take risks due to fear of failure. By researching or scrutinizing over the net about what you want to do will really help you out in this case. Do proper homework before entering into any business or job just like buying clothes. Most importantly, try to run pilot programs first and then go for big goals as the risk rate will be less in that case but never afraid of taking risks.
“You never know what you can do till you try.” William Cobbett

Never Earn to Make Money

Don’t run after money, let money run after you. We keep running after the money in our entire life and in the end, we got nothing but a lot of disappointment. We forget our families, hobbies, favourite things, and many more. So, that’s why follow your passion. Because if you do the work you like, you will never feel regret in your life. Then automatically, you will be able to spare time for your friends and family as you won’t be under any stress or burden. So, start following your passion from today itself because being poor is not your fate, it is what you choose to be.
In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can” Nikos Kazantzakis
Sometimes being poor is not your fate, you need to work hard.
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