Imagine a small kingdom tucked in the heart of the Himalayas, where success is measured not through its economy but through happiness. All things at this place are intact whether their culture, their spirituality, or their dedication. The place where their kings are the greatest inspiration for the people. This place is Bhutan – The Happiest Kingdom on Earth.

Last Friday, I came to know that this mystical place is the last Shangri-La left on our planet. There are many countries that are struggling to reduce their carbon emissions but this divine place is already blessed with a low carbon environment and is the first carbon negative country in the world.

Why is this the happiest place in the world? Are the people out there truly the happiest? How they are different from us? All these questions sprouted into my mind and I started scrutinizing over the internet to know those answers. I also took help from one of my friends who live in Bhutan.

He has not only helped me to choose the place of my dreams but has shown me the place through his words. While talking to him, there came a point that I got lost in my own zone and started shaping my imagination. But then after a halt, again, I asked him why this place is called the happiest in the world? Doesn’t anyone get sad here? What is the reason behind this?

Place Where Happiness Lies

He told me that it is true, Bhutan was ranked first in the Gross National Happiness Index, but it is the visitors who have actually misinterpreted the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. In actual, it is a global indicator of progress which suggests that along with economic growth, social development is equally important and it should be environmentally sustainable.

I completely agree with what he said. After all, who can say that he is the happiest person in the world?

Because I believe that a person’s birth, as well as his sorrows, are born. Otherwise, no one will ever think of doing anything in this world. Everyone has sufferings and it is the same with Bhutanese. They too work hard in order to run their lives. But here are some factors that make their life easier or the reason for their happiness. They ought to be happy because the conditions required for happiness in Bhutan are available. From free education to free healthcare, from clear air to good governance, here is everything that can make anybody happy.

The most fascinating thing about this place is its aura. Here the positivity is like a blanket that surrounds the person and protects him from all evil deeds. They believe that if you have an enlightened leadership then everything is possible in this world. A motivational leader is all you need to succeed in your life. Because that person can guide you, which direction is right for you. Just like a tour guide who knows how to safely reach the temple, which is on a mountain top.

Final Verdict

It took me an hour to understand that this place has not made people happy, its people who have made this place happy. So, it is up to us, we can make any place great if we want to. But visiting Bhutan is a must, once in your life. You will get a chance to learn to preserve valuable things, psychological wellbeing, culture, and yes, of course, the community vitality.

So, do visit this celestial kingdom, a place closer to heaven than to earth.
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