Every child is special in a society
What makes an average person special in society is the talent they possess, which can differentiate them from others, or we can say a unique perspective, respect, and love towards other beings. They have a unique personality a gift of kindness that makes that person stand out in our eyes.

True Definition of Being Special

Anyone can become special, whether it is a person with extreme knowledge or a below-average one. What makes them special is society. If the society feels that the person is extraordinary or different from the crowd, they praise that person or make him feel special. So, in this world, the social perspective is really important in making someone special. Your friends, family, neighbours, or any other people in the society can help you to feel special. There is one easiest way through which you can earn respect in society i.e. by showing gratitude and respect towards others.

One Such Example

In this COVID-19 pandemic times, the world is in desperate need of help, and we all know that many billionaires and millionaires are donating a huge amount of money, which is appreciable. Even many actors and social workers have also come forward. But beyond that, there is one 70-year-old lady in Mysore, Karnataka, named Kamalamma. She has donated an amount of 500 rupees to those who were distributing food to needy people near her locality, which is nearly 90% of her monthly pension. Although many people have donated a lot of money during this pandemic, this act of kindness and sacrifice has made her a special person among them.

How to Be Special in a Society

For some people, this can be very stressful and full of anxiety. But don’t worry, anyone can become special. Being special is not just a matter of being exceptional or being better than others. Instead, it is a matter of being respected, being loved, and most importantly, not being an ostentatious person (the one who shows off). Do you want to become special? Do you need that feeling? For this, firstly, you need to develop inner confidence and accept yourself. Secondly, you have to surrender yourself to society for their well-being. You can also help others not just by donating or helping someone financially. Rather, by giving support or show empathy towards them. Do whatever you can do or whatever is needed. By doing all this, one day, you will know your worth and feel respectful in society.

Identify Special Characteristics in Others

For being special, one should identify the special characteristics in others first. Always try to observe other people. See, why they are so special? Study them and see what makes them so special, respected, and loved. Try to pick those good traits from them but don’t copy them. There are many from where you can get inspiration. It can be your family or maybe your close friends. Have you ever thought why Salman Khan gets respect from all over the place? Is it because he is rich? No, but because of his good deeds and helping nature. We do agree, exceptions are always there. But keeping good things in your mind will help you to develop your personality in the right direction. Being special is more of knowing about yourself, not about what you think other people like in you. Power and money can never make you special in the eyes of society. Instead, it’s your inner beauty and good deeds, which makes you different from others. So, love yourself and keep doing good deeds. Everyone is special in their own way. It’s just, you need to utilize these traits in doing good for society. So, to be special among them.
special in society
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