Mask depicting why do we lie?
Everyone lies. Sometimes we lie to others and sometimes to ourselves. Why do we lie to others? Just think, don’t you make excuses when you got late for your office or an interview? How often it happens when we don’t understand certain things but due to fear of our Boss or thinking what others will say, we stop ourselves from getting help from anyone, and in the end, we miss the deadline? Give a thought to this. Was it necessary to tell lie at that moment? Some people have reasons for it and some don’t even know what they are lying for. Slowly and slowly it becomes their habit. We lie in many ways. Here are some of the situations, when we lie:

To Make Connections

I can bet, you must have said some lies in the starting days of your relationship. Not only you, but many people lie, just to impress their mate or friends. It can be for small things or big purposes. But is it right to do so? Do you know that one lie can spoil your entire relationship?

While Assuming Things

We are great at making assumptions, whether it is on someone’s failure or his success. Also, sometimes to let someone down, we add on things on our own. In all cases, we exaggerate the matter so much that its actual value gets vanished somewhere. You can relate this with a chain reaction. So, always try to know the actual cause of it before assuming things. Always remember, the drama starts when you start assuming things.

To Avoid Punishments

Have you ever beaten by your parents? Almost everyone. And we must have also lied in order to save ourselves. There are many such examples in our day to day life. A criminal also does the same.

To Get Respect in the Society

Everyone knows nothing is perfect. But still, we tried to portray a perfect image of ours in front of others. We don’t want to show them our failures or we are afraid that they might think something wrong about us. And at the same time, no one likes to hear bad words for themselves. Even in dating profiles or on social media, some people afraid to put their real pictures in their profiles. All of us want to show our best version and to hide the rest. So, for this, they say numerous lies.

Not Have Time to Give a Thought

A lot of things keep going in the back of our minds, whenever we are talking with someone. At that moment, we don’t get enough time to think about what we speak. We find it hard to organize or structure our thoughts. We lie when the truth doesn’t work. We lie in more than half of the things. Sometimes, we even make fake promises without thinking about their impact. All this can create a tense atmosphere in your life. So, always try to speak thoughtfully.

For Good Reasons

According to many researchers, lie is like a glue that keeps people united. Without a lie, the complete world can get disturbed. If you tell your friend that he is not looking good, then it is obvious that he might feel bad because of this. Therefore, to save your friendship, you lie to make them happy. This will also help in building confidence and self-respect in your loved ones. So, we can’t consider it as bad because what you did was done for good.
We indeed lie for the sake of our loved ones, but we lie more for ourselves. So, you should have a good understanding to distinguish between the good vs bad. It is just like medicine. You have to see which one is necessary to have in your life. You should consult your mind before telling a lie to anyone. And speaking the truth doesn’t mean that you will start showing your honesty everywhere. You have to understand where there is a need to lie. Rather than making excuses at your office, try to say sorry. Always try to speak the truth. Remember, a heavy dose is always injurious for your health.
Why do we lie in even small things?
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