Women are not weak

Women are weak. Yes, they are weak. They are weak when they didn’t realize their potential. When they allow other people to dominate over them then they are weak. They are weak because they choose to be one. We all have misconceptions that this society let them down. But no, that’s not the complete truth. The failure in realizing the potential is the main cause of why women are considered weak. If you have a strong determination or will power, then no one can stop you from getting success.

We do agree the women are known for their sacrifices. There is no issue with that. In fact, God has made them a multitasker and a mentally strong person. So, utilize your power. Many women for their families sacrifice their jobs. Do you really think that this is the last option left for them to survive on this earth? My answer is No. Try to resolve things in a better manner and never underestimate the power and strength which is hidden inside you. In the current scenario, we know that the perception of the people is changing, their attitude towards the women is changing, the policies are changing but only half the way.

People With Old Mindset

In some countries, there are still people with such an old mindset. But, always remember, if a woman desires for anything, she can do a miracle. Believe in yourself. Junko Tabei, the first lady who summitted Everest. She got success because of her strong determination. Malala Yousafzai, a young Nobel prize laureate who fought for female education. Many more women like them have achieved great success in their lives. So, why not you?

They have not waited for any opportunities or for a helper to come. But they did that on their own. They made the world proud. So, it is very important to know your worth. Try not to quit things easily. You have to come out of those difficult situations. It’s better to speak out loud rather than keeping it with yourself. How the world will know the real you? If a person like Malala can do such things then why not you? Ask yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Many women shut their mouths for the sake of other people but try to make your judgment wisely. Wrong is wrong. There is no harm to raise your voice against it.

You have to change first then only you can expect people to change for you. Stop criticizing yourself. Trust me you are no less than anybody. You are full of colours. Don’t let the spark vanish from your life. Live your life to the fullest. Start working on the things which you like. And yes, it’s better to say no than to blindly follow others. Don’t live in regrets. You have one life enjoy it fully. Only marrying a successful person and having babies is not your sole responsibility.

Think…… then decide being a woman is a blessing or a curse?

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Some people thinks that women are weak but this not true.
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