You don't know who you are
Who am I? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Are you what the world sees you or is it what you see in yourself? Are you the same from outside what you are from inside? Ask these questions to yourself… Have you got your answer? In reality, you don’t know who you are… We are experts in judging others but have we ever judged ourselves? No. Actually, we have not set any parameters for ourselves. But when we choose our soulmate, we do it by looking at a lot of parameters. Does he/she a good fit for me or not? But we never judge ourselves. We even hide our mistakes and sometimes we curse others for our mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. It is very important to know yourself to fix all other issues in this outside world. We lack knowledge, we lack understanding and we lack ourselves. The day you get to know yourself, things will start to heal by themselves.


It must have happened many times that you have shown yourself well in the direction of influence the front. Whether he can be your boss or someone else, we always show a good image of ourselves to the people. We always want us to be in good books of others. We are afraid that they will accept us in the way we are or not. Isn’t it strange that we do not weigh ourselves for ourselves, but we weigh ourselves for others? We believe in being influential even at the cost of losing our original identity. Always remember that what is yours will come to you in some or the other way and what is not, will not. You won’t have to do anything to have loyal people around you. They are automatically added to your life just as your emotions. They like you not because of your outer personality but because of your that innocent soul which you always try to hide from others. It often happens that we do not value those who are close to us but rather we believe in influencing others who will not remain with us forever. The deer who wanders in the forest behind the scent does not know that the scent is inside him. In the same way, a human being gets affected by external things and unable to know his/her own strength. There are many people who want to be like others and only a few who want to make a difference. Only the people who fall under the second category will be able to progress in life rest run with the crowd. So, know yourself. Who you are? A horse or a mule? Accept them or be nice to those who love your soul not your outer appearance. Only you can make your worth. You Don't Know Who You Are

Perfectionism Believers

Who Needs Perfectionism?

We always show ourselves perfect in front of others but to become perfect for others, we become imperfect for ourselves. Is it so important to have perfectionism? Everyone has their own definition of perfectionism. For some, it might be the ideal situation where they want to become like that, and for some, they are perfect in the way they are. Might be the definition of perfectionism for you is imperfect for others or they have their own. So, it is a matter of thinking and how you see or perceive things. Everyone is perfect and imperfect in their own way. In my opinion, perfectionism is just an ideal situation, nothing else. No one could ever reach that Everest, not even God. Because then there was no room available for making mistakes or to improve and at that point, the person can’t desire for more. But the desires of humans are endless like oceans. God made us imperfect so that we can run after perfectionism foolishly. But yes, something is better than nothing. If you reached half the way to perfectionism then also it is okay to be there because many would not have reached it either. So, feel proud if you are there. Do not ever turn away from yourself or kill yourself with someone else’s words. Do not give others a chance to carve you out. Because no one knows you better than you yourself. Only you know your worth.
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