Rejections are our biggest barrier which one needs to understand.
Most people are afraid of rejections. But do you know, rejections are our biggest barrier? There is no one in this world who has not faced any rejections in their life, even successful people have. Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and many more, all got rejections. Not once but many times. But you know, what was the best part? They did not stop even after rejections. They continued to work hard until they got success. You too can do this if you have strong will power and determination to achieve anything. Do not think about what people will say about you, just believe in yourself, your inner power. And one day you will definitely be the successful one. Everyone has a good time someday. You just need to recognize and work on it. Don’t miss any opportunity and never be sad due to rejections. They are there just to build you strong than any other person, not physically but mentally.

J.K. Rowling

A lady who was divorced and raised her daughter on social security turned from a single mother to an amazing author. 12 publishing houses have rejected her novel and told her that it was not worth it. But because of her strong belief, she turned the tables. She signed a deal with a small publisher and that was a turning point in her life. That book was “Harry Potter” and the lady is J.K. Rowling. Everyone feels the fear of failure but some people know how to overcome fear. If she can then why not you? Ask yourself this question?
Harry porter book and headphones

Jack Ma

Another story of a young boy who failed in his school days many times. In the entrance exam, he failed twice. Also, he got 10 times rejection from Harvard and 30 times from other jobs. He was the only person who was not selected by KFC out of 24 people who applied for the job. At that point, he left with two options, either to cry for rejections or to pull his socks to become a better person tomorrow. Rather than giving up, he chose to struggle. He kept fighting until he achieved his goal. He fought with himself and never thought to stop in between his struggles. Now that man is an owner of the “Ali Baba” group and the world knows him by the name of “Jack Ma”.
Jack Ma attends the 20th Anniversary Schwab Foundation Gala Dinner on September 23, 2018 in New York, NY USA. Copyright by World Economic Forum / Ben Hider
One stubbornness can change a lot in your life if it is right. You just need to find a proper way or path to follow your dreams, nothing else.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, a Harvard University drop-out student, once failed to succeed in his business. Now, everyone knows, what he is famous for. Henry Ford, a founder of Ford Motor Company, failed three times in his business. Michael Jordan, an American basketball player got rejection by his high school basketball team for not having the proper skill to play Basketball. Who wouldn’t know about Walt Disney? He too got rejections in his struggling period. He was fired from a newspaper as he has no ideas of his own and lacks imagination. If these people can do this after being rejected many times, don’t you?
You cannot change what happened, but you can change the things that will happen next if you want. Rather than craving for food, crave for your dreams. Never be afraid of your rejections. If you have to be afraid, then be afraid of the regret that will happen after the time will pass. Nothing comes in handy, you have to work hard for that. Always remember, our choices make us different from other people and rejections are our biggest barrier.
Man in pain after getting lots of rejections
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